What Katie did

After saying goodbye to my uncle I was walking back to Portobello markets to continue my wandering. On the way I noticed a crowd outside a shop and stepped in for a closer look. It was a launch party for the new range at the Lingerie store "What Katy did". I don't think I have ever wanted to be a Betty Pin up girl more then I did that day. 

We were welcomed with champagne or tea whichever tickled our fancy and delicious cupcakes.

The models used the store floor as a runway and paraded the newest designs. I struggled to see most of the time and photographed what I was able to. 

After the show finished we all moved inside where we provided with more tea cups and cup cakes and a chance to peruse the new collection.

I love this pocket culture in London. It is ever so beautiful. Look at how they all do their hair and make up, and the clothing they wear. This is a daily thing. I wish I had the confidence and patience to make myself look like that every day. 

I sat in the park afterwards enjoying my cupcake and imagining myself as a pin up girl. And afterwards I went and met up with G for dinner. 

I had a little look through the range and here are a couple of things I would like to add to my wish list. 

Retro contrast nude stockings with black seam

Black Detachable Suspenders

Cabaret Suspender Belt

Cabaret Knickers

Have a look for yourself at whatkatiedid.com

With Love from London

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