Chinatown with Dan

Woke up the next morning in Brixton next to this little badass. Dan had already left for work but we planned to meet up for lunch at this place he was raving about called Abocado. I went home to change etc and then returned to one of my favourite places in London, Carnaby Street to play dress up in the M.A.C store.

Purple frost lipstick with a purple tinted lipliner. 

Wishing I could afford meals like this

I came across one of the most incredible vintage shops I have ever been to. You walk inside and go downstairs to be greeted with endless racks of vintage and thrift shop treasures. I ended up getting a pair of Lee pipes and cutting them into high waisted shorts in the store. It was a hot day (a very rare occurrence  and I had made the ill decision to wear long jeans that day.

This is inside a different vintage store. I met up with Dan at this point in time and we continued our aimless wanderings around London.

We stumbled into a very odd costume store in Soho where we spent most of our time pretending to find something ludicrous to wear out that night.

Found the perfect catwoman mask. Regretting not buying it now.

We spent way too long deciding where to eat when we got to Chinatown. We were trying to find the cheapest buffet, and boy did we find it. I have never been so grossed out by what I am eating but continuing on because I was just that hungry. Chinese food hit a very low point that day. But hey we were being cultured. 

I then took D to a bakery I had previously been to. It reminded me very much of a bakery in Hurstville in Sydney. You got in grab a tray, no one speaks english, you can barely figure out what everything is. It is just the luck of the draw, and I guess that is the exciting aspect of it. Yay culture.

We got a custard bun, a cocktail bun and a lotus cake because it looked pretty.

It was a very messy affair.

We returned to Brixton where we decided it would be fun to buy some special brew beers and go out.

Wearing: Dan's jacket he made himself
Topshop dress and chain 

This is special brew. It is 99p, taste like piss and is the strength of about 10 beers. Don't ever do it unless you are in for a messy night. I don't remember much of this night to be honest. I remember sitting outside KFC finishing them off before getting on the tube and I know at some point we arrived at Oxford Circus, but everything after that is a bit of a blurry mess. We didn't actually go anywhere. We just wandered and then sat down and giggled and then wandered and then sat down and rolled around. And at some point we caught a bus home which I was passed out on. 

But is was a good night that's for sure. 

With love from London

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