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It has been a while I know. But from now on expect my posts from London coming in hard and fast because I want to get you updated with my life at the moment at home in Sydney. But for now I will catch you up as we come closer to the end of my incredible adventure in London, last year.

On this day I met with Yeliz as we had booked tickets to go to the Harry Potter Studios. Our tour was at the end of the day so we had the whole day to be tourists, even though Y grew up in London. We started at Trafalgar Square because I was in the process of ticking off my Bucket List. And one of the entries was "Sit on top of one of the Trafalgar Lions".

We had a quick peek in the National Gallery and engaged in deep discussions of all things art and history. Y had just graduated from Middlesex for Art so she was ever so wise. Sadly Chantel wasn't able to join us on this day. I miss these two girls so much.

At this point in time the Olympics had ended but now London was Paralympics crazy. The whole of Trafalgar was covered in paraphernalia. The fact was that behind that big screen were the lions and they were completely blocked off from the public. This was the strangest thing I had ever seen. A city covering one of it's tourists attractions to accomodate. Surely they could have planned around it. And what is stranger is that this whole place had been blocked off with one way in or out of the courtyard...but it was free? There were people at the entrance/ exit but they were just standing there? What was the point of fencing a whole area off if the event is free?

Despite being blocked off from the main attraction we made the most of our morning.

The security guards wouldn't let me get any closer then this. I asked when everything could be finished so I could get a proper photo with the lions and they said not until October. I would be gone by then. This was a bit of a depressing moment of the day but we pushed on.

Crazy forest critter wall art in a frozen yoghurt shop

Candy Land

I apologize for the face but this was the loveliest energy drink I have ever seen

Lani I was going to get this for you but at this point in time I was quite short on money.

But seriously, who doesn't want a bacon frosted birthday cake ?

Doctor's choice candy cigarettes 

Gumballs, taste amazing for a whole minute! But to be fair this one had nerds inside it.

We walked to Covent Garden Markets. Word of advice, walk everywhere in London! It is amazingly easy and it is truly the best way to really experience London for the beautiful adventure that it is.

Front step dwellers at the Apple Market


Crepe de la crepe for lunch. Goats cheese and caramelised onion, highly recommend. 

A mini red velvet from Candy cupcakes. I don't know what they are but they are divine. 

A darling little knick knack shop which was just gorgeous. It was like stepping inside a Frankie Magazine.

My favourite birds of all time, swallows.

Would never be able to bring myself to use these adorable cleansing products

Y and I decided to check out the Transport museum. We made it as far as the gift shop before realising we had barely enough money to get us to Harry Potter. But before we left we checked out the various odds and ends they were selling here.

Wearing: Blouse and hat - Dotti
Collar Jewellery - DIY
Belt - Thrift shop
Skirt and boots - Zara
Bag - Longchamp

I hope the owners of this gallery understand that I only took photos of the artwork because it is positively incredible and I wanted to promote their paints off. The photos I have don't really begin to express how amazing these artworks were. You should have seen the detail. Each painting contained a million tiny stories and every time you looked you would find another detail you missed before. I would love to purchase one of these artworks. It really sums up London for me. A million memories.

find more at delicatemayhem.com/

I really wanted to see Shrek. But I truly just did not have time. Hope it comes to Sydney soon. It definitely looked interesting. 


Just some typical British Candy to moisten your palettes 

We then went down some stairs into a lovely little luxurious tea shop. It was as if T2 had combined with Cadbury and the Queen has sealed every little tin. The tea tasted as good as it smelt, even if it did burn our tongues. 

Utterly obsessed with these gold detailed teasets 

I wish I had bought this book. It is still on my list because it is just amazing. If you like tea parties and Frankie magazine, and DIY and cupcakes and anything vintage you need this book within your life. 

Mini macaroon cakes

This was the end of our day, we then started our journey to the Harry Potter Studio. 
To be continued...

With Love from London
(But not really)

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