Wonderland with Dan

...continuing from my last blog post.

Yeliz had to leave so I was left wandering around London. I called Dan to see if he wanted to join me on the wandering that was being done. Luckily he agreed. We went to the Victoria's Secret store which I hadn't even known had existed until this night. I can't believe myself. 

Can't believe this was the only time I went into this store. 

D took me for a walk. He wanted to show me London by night which to be honest I had never really seen due to the being alone and unsafe factor. For a city I thought I was starting to get to know it completely blew me away that night. Everything really is better at night.

On this cold cold night we managed to walk from Oxford Circus to Waterloo. I was so shocked how close everything was. The last two weeks in London I walked everywhere.

Crazy jazz cats under the bridge 

First impressions 

We somehow managed to stumble into a carnival called Wonderland. It was basically a drunken circus for adults. There was a freak show...

where we watched the Space Cowboy and some chick (forgot her name) perform ridiculous stunts that made you want to vomit and cringe. And yes those hooks are attached to his eyelids.

Cider for all

We drank cider. Got silly. Got beaten up by the most ridiculous ride. Went on the swing which D was really happy he didn't miss because he could see it from work. This swing was so cold and so high you think at any moment you will slide out and to your death, but then you look up and the swing starts moving and you see all of the beautiful beautiful city of London dancing beneath your feet. I couldn't feel my hands and my face was soaking wet from wind tears but I didn't care, it was amazing. Top 10 London Moments.

The night was crazy unexpected. If I could sum up meeting Dan and the friendship that evolved from this one random night in one word it would have to be "Serendipity". And now meet D's dog Lou the smelly staffy.

With Love from London

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