The day I turned 21

So my 21st happened, and it really was amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better night, or a better group of people to spend it with. Thankyou so much to everyone who came, I hope you all had the best night, because I know I did. Also in the photo I am holding party bags. Yep.. I made party bags, and the VIP ones had pop tarts.

Had my two favourite people stay the night and the clean up the next morning was not as bad as we thought it would be. Mopping and polishing my bedroom floor was a bit of a pain in the butt, but other then that it all played out pretty well. Also wearing my new lipstick courtesy of Luke's family, its a part of his cousins new line of makeup called Glampire makeup. The colour is called Prom Night, which is pretty relevant to the theme of the night. You can buy this colour and many other amazing matte shades at The Makeup Wardrobe.

For my 21st Luke bought me my first pair of Docs. They are Nappa leather, and I haven't taken them off since. I love them so much. Please excuse my wintery white legs.

Morning after going through polaroids. Love these girls so much. YES

My best friends know me too well. Yol and Saya are paying for my world map tattoo on my other wrist, which I have been wanting for so long! And Lani is paying for my half of our Yin Yang tattoo that we have been planning since we were 16. I cannot even deal with how perfect these humans are.

My mum's present really took the cake though. The money in the picture is from my Grandparents. I can't believe this! My mum got me a return plane ticket to anywhere in the world!!! It is so tempting to fly back to London to reunite with the friends I left there, but I think I will be saving it for my eventual trip to America. I am hoping to do either a term or a semester in America through Uni, and during that time I want to try and see as much of America as I possibly can. But that is still a long way away.

The night after my party Luke took me out for dinner at a Polish Restaurant called Na Zdrowie in Glebe. My mum is Polish, and I have been to Poland a couple of times, so it was pretty great being able to reminisce of food once eaten. 

For starters we got Deep Fried Camembert, which was as delicious as it sounds!

I also got a side of traditional Polish pickles because they are my mum and my favourite snack food of all time.

I had to introduce Luke to Pierogi because it is literally the staple food of Poland. We had a mix dish, which basically means the stuffing for them all was different. My favourite is the potato stuffed one, I can't remember specifically what was in the others. They weren't as good as in Poland, but they were pretty close. I can't wait to one day take Luke to Poland to meet my Grandparents and have homemade pierogi. In particularly the blueberry dessert pierogi my grandma makes, because it is literally out of this world.

We couldn't decide what other main to eat so we decided on the Potato pancakes, another staple in Polish food. Basically anything with potato, meat or pickles can be considered fine Polish dining. 

This is me, sleep deprived and ridiculously exhausted from the crazy stressful week/ weekend.

Had such a great night with Luke, it was such a cute date. He picked me up at a certain time and everything. I highly recommend Na Zdrowie to anyone who feels like eating a meal thats a little different, stepping out of your comfort zone etc etc. Thankyou Luke for spoiling me rotten over my birthday, you really went above and beyond and I can't tell you how much it means to me. You are amazing.

On the actual day of my 21st (April 14th) the girls took me for a YES breakfast at heart and soul cafe. We had the most elaborate and amazing Acai Bowls I have ever seen. Literally every customer who came in whilst we were there ordered one.

It was literally like a work of art.

Had such a beautiful breakfast with the most beautiful girls. They spoilt me rotten. I literally had to go out after to buy a vase because they both bought me the most stunning flowers and I had no where to put them!

After seeing the girls I met up with Nicole and we went to Miranda to find a vase and some socks. I know right, getting real wild on my birthday. To be fair we also bought some pretty sweet vinyls to play on the record player my dad got me. Nicole bought them for me for my birthday. After this we decided to go and check out this Bonsai nursery that Nicole knew about. I have literally wanted one forever. 

How beautiful are they all!? It took so long for me to decide which one to buy.

After taking forever to pick a bonsai I chose this one, because it was the only one with little flowers.

After seeing Nicole I went to my friend Rick's place because he had a surprise to show me. When I got to his there was a little lego car at the door with a note saying "look in the tunk" (I think he means trunk). In the trunk were two tickets to see Godzilla when it comes out. Which I am actually incredibly excited to see. But that wasn't the "joke gift". When I went upstairs Rick had put together the whole Harry Potter lego set, that we had once tried to put together for half a night. 

I took Sassie with me because she wanted to come for a drive/ spend some time with me on my birthday. Rick has a cat. Sassie saw the cat. Sassie did not take her eyes off the cat the entire time.

That night we had a family dinner at home with my cousins and grandparents. It was pretty great, spent most of the time watching Simpson's out of one of my eyes. 

This is my Bonsai tree which I named Misaki which means beautiful flower. This is a couple of days after I bought it. When I bought it, it only had a single tiny flower, now it has heaps! I think that means she likes me.

Words can't describe how perfect my birthday weekend was. I have the most amazing friends who I love so much. They spoilt me like crazy and I am so grateful to have them in my life. Thankyou to each and every one of you for making me the happiest girl on my 21st.


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