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Well this is a little awkward, seems I forgot to actually post this. I had it all put together but I just completely forgot. So here is a little blast from the pretty recent past. Also just a heads up, during March- April I was really stressed and way too busy and wasn't able to blog about a lot of great things I did like Mountain Sounds Festival and Laneway Festival and a lot of other things. I will be posting links to new blog posts on my Facebook Page.

Mini Review: Frank Body Scrub
I have been looking for a nice natural exfoliate to use for a while now, ever since hearing how damaging microbeads are to the environment. You know those little beads inside face and body wash, they are basically just balls of plastic that are small enough to find their way back into the ocean to be eaten by fish. They look exactly like fish food so I'm not surprised. That's why I love using Frank, it's natural. My personal favourite is the Coconut and Grapeseed scrub, but they also have Original and their new Cacao scrub. It is all kinds of amazing. It is dirty, it is messy and it is a great scrub. Honestly if you are having problems with acne, stretch marks, cellulite, or even just dry skin, this product not only exfoliates but it moisturises too! I am already down to my 2nd packet of Coconut scrub. It's a great winter scrub, when your skin just feels uncomfortable. Highly recommend. And it's not just for girls. 

On the way to Easter lunch at Luke's with his family.

It's very traditional. I don't think I have eaten as much seafood in one sitting as I did that day.

Ah I can't remember the name of this soup but it is a really "famous" crab soup. It is pretty much just crab and other types of seafood in a tomato based soup but it was incredible.


My Easter breakfast at home. We aren't very traditional, we aren't exactly a religious family, but we do enjoy an occasional Easter egg hunt. This year mum included Luke and Saya in the mix, she gave us all baskets to search for the eggs in my room. I don't know how she did it because we were all asleep in my room and then when we woke up it was egg hunting time. Mum is sneaky like that.

Went to one of Rick's gigs at Hot Damn @polarisaus 
Tried wearing my Glampire "Prom Night" lipstick. I am pretty bad when it comes to makeup and drinking, so by the end of the night I looked a bit of a mess, but then again that's what happens most nights #amirite?

Top / Urban Outfitters 
Skirt / Topshop
Shoes / Wanted Shoes
Choker / Ribbon from Lincraft
Bag / Sportsgirl

Going Vinyl hunting with my Bae on Record Store Day.

Quick stop off at American Apparel for some essentials

Found a cute little 50's 60's shop that had the most cowboy boots I have seen in one room and they had a huge rug with The King's face on it. I wish I was alive in that time. If I was a teenage girl during the time of the King I would be the biggest groupie you have ever seen. None of that Tweenager Directioner crap, I mean hardcore groupie. He was and will always be my number 1 next to Lana del Ray closely followed by Stevie Nicks.

Found a cute little "vintage shop" on Oxford Street that had heaps of Vinyls. I say "Vintage" because it wasn't really put together. It was more like walking through a hoarders house. Which I usually love but in this case I was pretty upset because I bought 3 Elvis Vinyls from here only to come home to find they were all warped. Lesson learnt, always check vintage vinyls before you buy them.

As I said, it was Record Store day and we did find a fair few great places. Here are the places we went:

The Record Store - It was a great store, but it was so small. It was Record Store day and they were getting in to it 100% giving out drinks and having DJ sets. This store has a lot of Hip Hop and Rap vinyls which wasn't really what I was looking for. The store is great and I would go back there but on that day I could not get out of there quick enough. It was too loud, there were too many people crowded in to a tiny room and it just wasn't a great experience when all I wanted to do was look at records. 

Red Eye Records - This store had such great vibes. I literally felt like I had gone back in time. It is such a classic Record Store, and it had everything I wanted. It is a bit expensive, but most vinyls are these days. At this store I ended up buying a Fleetwood Mac vinyl, but it wasn't Rumours which is what I should have gotten, but it was more expensive. And I also got Led Zeppelin IV, which is superb. 

Places to go:

The Vintage Record -Everything
Mojo Record Bar - Jazz, Soul, Rock, Blues and a bar.
Birdland Records - Jazz, Blues and Soul
Marlowe's Way - Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk and Friday Night jams
Title - Everything
Classic Hifi - Everything needed to play Vinyl
Repressed Records - Everything
Resist Records - Punk and Hardcore

And the scrunchie obsession begins.

Sleepovers and breakfast in bed. There is nothing I love more in life.

Dinner with Saya.

Tried JalapeƱo poppers because I loved the ones I had at Garfunkels in London. These were ok. Pretty intense though. 

Because sometimes its ok to eat food the size of your head.

I have a pretty bad problem. If there is food in front of me I pretty much have to eat it. So now I have a little trick I do, instead of eating everything and feeling like crap I ruin the food so I can stop eating. It's a real problem.

Went to El Sol after dinner to see Georgia who now lives in Melbourne. 

And then we went to Oatley to see Luke and hang out with Locky who lives in Tasmania. 

Yol, Saya and my Car. Look at our little babies.

Had a pretty lovely dinner with these two that involved food being thrown around and faces being made and captured with a camera. We really shouldn't be allowed in public together.

They keep me happy.


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