Things I want/ need oh baby, oh baby

Currently in the process of procrastinating my 4 assessments for The Fashion Institute and studying my 3 essays and writing 1 more for my final philosophy exam. I have spent over 2 days doing this one Buying assessment and have only completed section 1. And to give you a basic idea of what I spent all that time doing, 'cut' 'paste' 'crop' 'move'. So many moodboards, so little care for fashion anymore. But on the positive side in doing this I was able to spend a few hours watching Luke play South Park, The Stick of Truth and I completed the whole first and only season of Freaks and Geeks. If you have not seen it, do it now. And if you have, WHY ARE THERE NO MORE EPISODES! Seriously one of my new favourite series of all time right next to Daria and the Simpsons. I am writing this post because my 21st is coming up and all I can think about is all the things I have always wanted but would never get because I can never fathom spending more then $30 on an item of clothing because I am #1brokegirl. But for once I am going to put my savings game on hold and treat myself. My final philosophy exam is literally on the day of my birthday party (feel like a little kid saying that). As soon as that exam is over I am free for at least the next month, minus work. As long as I get all these ridiculously time consuming and mind numbing fasshuun assessments completed before then. Wish me luck!

Here are some things I have been dreaming about lately to help get me through day to day life.

White Timberlands

Unif I DYE MOTO Jacket

Samantha Wills Aries Gold

Sherbet sunrise crop

Srsly love anything with Bart

A big ol' denim Levi Jacket

Nomadic store stop being on holiday!

A new tattoo. I want to get a black ink outline of the world map on my wrist. I know this sounds stupid but I would really love to get something Simpson's related, even if it is just a small quote or a little picture of something like a donut or something. A smiling crescent moon on the inside of my ankle.And I would also like to one day get a personal Miso tattoo on the back of my elbow. That would be amazing!

One day I will own something by Charmaine Olivia and it will be amazing. I can't wait to live in an a pretty apartment where I can hang beautiful paintings like this.

The perfect hat. The Montana Midnight Muse hat by Lack of Colour

Going to keep adding to this as a break from study. But right now I really need to sort myself out and study so hard my brain melts in to a puddle, which I will then scoop up and put in to a water bottle, which I will take in to the exam with me. As soon as the exam starts I will open the bottle and pour the contents all over my exam. And that will be it, and I will be done. And then I get to celebrate my 21st!


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