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Our last full day in Thailand started at the Naughty Raddish in Patong. This is an absolute MUST for breakfast, brunch or lunch. The wraps are exquisite. You basically choose a salad or a wrap, and then you pick your insides and your sauces, it's basically subway but actually nice. I went with satay dressing, best decision you can make. But in all seriousness, go here if you want a nice and healthy juice and breakfast to refresh your body from the night before. The detox juice is the best I've ever had!

I have the biggest fascination with McDonald's in other countries. I always love to see the little differences, even if it's just one item different. I will never forget the curly fries and dipping sauce I had in Prague. Didn't actually try it, but thought this bubble drink looked pretty interesting. 

Have a read, you won't regret it. 

Our last full day in Thailand was spent shopping on Bangla road. We decided to take a little break from getting yelled at in the street and had our feet eaten by tiny fish. I have had this before in Camden Markets London, but it was still fun to share with Luke.

It's pretty great. Who doesn't love having their feet nibbled on by little fish?

Our shopping included: 2 pairs of "Nikes", 4 shirts, a couple of "Phuket" boardies (you know the ones), soap that came in the shape of a mango, multiple little buddha figurines, endless bracelets and anklets, including a yin yang one that I am completely obsessed with and a really cute elephant bag.
Haggling is so much fun. It is actually so much fun to just access this completely shut off side of yourself. You become rude, you play hard ball, you get them as low as they can go and if it's not low enough you just walk out in to the next shop which will have the same product. I do not like being yelled at. We got stuck in one street at one point which we thought was a through road but instead ended on the entrance of a hotel (would be hell staying at that hotel). Literally every single person yelled at us, grabbed us, held clothes up against our bodies, spoke in Australian accents, that one threw me off a little, but after about 2 minutes it was just incredibly annoying. 

Also remember to always keep your back close to you. If you are a guy, keep everything in your front pockets. Pick pocketing is cray cray over there. We were lucky, but in saying that, we were also extremely careful.

Mango street crepes. Any street crepes is a MUST. They are amazing!

I decided to really go all out tourist, I braided my hair and Luke and I got henna tattoos, one of which was matching. I copied his elephant because it was adorable, and this trip had made me so completely obsessed with those loveable giants. 

One of the bars in Thailand, I think the name has tiger in it, I can't be completely sure though.

After our day of shopping we went back to the hotel dropped off our things and went to the Dino Park for some mini golf at dusk.

The elephant.

All henna'd up. Also if you would like to know Luke won at mini golf. I am awful at most things sporty, but I had fun.

We ate dinner across the road at this really nice steak house. I lost my mind when we looked across the road and saw the smallest baby elephant I had ever seen in my entire life.

Look at his little mouth!!

And his little ears!!

He had all this bristly fur on his head and his back.

I can't even. I have never been more obsessed with an animal then I was with this elephant (maybe my dog), I could not stop looking at it.

That smile!!

I got kissed by a baby elephant!!

I convinced Luke that we needed to go back to Bangla Road, it was our last night in Thailand and we should make the most of it. We walked up and down that strip so many times that night, I actually had so much fun. We took a video of the walk one time, Luke and I got asked 28 times if we wanted to see a ping pong show.. 

A ladyboy that had it's "boy" removed, Luke checked. Look at that concerned face, he is mortified. 

Oh Bangla Road, how I will miss your craziness, but definitely not your smell. 

Collective polaroids from the trip. We spent the rest of the night drinking Singha's and playing with the friendly stray cat, and of course still trying to come to terms with the fact that we were in this incredible resort in THAILAND!


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