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For those who are still sticking with me after it has taken this ridiculously long to post about my trip to Thailand, thankyou and I am so sorry. There are two more left after this and I pinky swear they will be up in the next week. Life has just been a bit hectic lately and it has been hard for me to delegate time to just write. If you were wondering what I am doing at the moment, I am in the final stretch of my Philosophy University Short Course, which I have completed all my essays for (with pretty good marks if I do say so myself) and now just have the final exam to ace on the day of my 21st party! On top of this I also have my Fashion course at the Fashion Institute to complete, which basically translates in to 4 very time consuming assignments to complete. And at the same time I am juggling two jobs, the job I have been at for a while now Gloria Jeans, and I am currently in the process of transferring from Home Shop dep at Woolworths Miranda to checkout chick at Menai, this is a big and awesome thing for me. That's just a little update on the time consuming junk I have been doing with my life. 

Monday in Thailand, Luke and I decided to check out one of the beaches we drove past almost every day, Kata Beach.

We had breakfast at a strange little Russian cafe, which I chose because it had russian style pickles which I love. I had to actually ask for the Russian menu because they only gave us the english speaking plain jane menu. After our average breakfast we headed down to the beach to relax like we'd never relaxed before. At first we were seated on these two chairs that were at the back of the beach and in shade under the trees. When I went for a swim I noticed a couple have their chairs moved right next to the water, so we decided to do that too. 

Endless coconuts, Game of Thones, what could be better?

This is where we were sitting! We had such an amazing day at the beach. I will never get over how beautiful and warm the water always is. One part that was a bit freaky were the jellyfish in the water. I had been swimming happily unaware until a tourist pointed one out, and then they were everywhere. I guess my one word of advice would be, don't think about the jellyfish. Ignorance is bliss. 

Obsessed with the cuteness of these umbrellas. 

For our late lunch we jumped in the back of a tuk tuk and headed to Mom Tri's Kitchen.

If you go anywhere in Thailand for lunch, make sure that it's here. This hidden gem is just incredible. We rocked up, a couple of wet and sandy beach bums in this well posh place. I was basically just wearing my bikini with a fishing net of crochet on top and they didn't care. The service was amazing, I felt so rich, and it wasn't even expensive! And even if the food tasted awful (which it didn't) you can't argue with complementary bread and dip!

I think our entrees were along the lines of satay sticks and I am at a loss for what else we had. Either way we were way too hungry to photograph it, my apologies. But for the main I had soft shell crab and papaya salad which I had been dying to have. Word of advice, it's crazy chilli spicy. Those green bits are chilli and actually induced pain and a little bit of crying when eaten, or maybe I am just a sook. But this dish was amazing, by far best soft shell crab I have ever eaten and the papaya was amazing when I ate around the green chilli pieces of death.

Look Right

Look left

Just being heaps fancy and what not.

Just having fun in the back of a Tuk Tuk whilst raving to asian hardstyles on our way to watch the sunset at Promthep Cape.

This is an absolute MUST for any human travelling to Phuket. Make sure you get there earlier then we did to make sure you get a good spot.

This sunset wasn't as spectacular as the sunset we saw on Friday night, but it was still pretty incredible. I just wish I could have come here again.

Some kind people actually moved and let us sit here to watch the actual sun setting. It was such a beautiful moment. I'm so glad I got to share this with you Luke.

The elephant temple/ shrine at the top of the hill.

For the life of me I cannot remember where we went or what we ate after this. All I remember was walking down the stairs, going in to the gift shop. Buying my friends some silly mementoes and eating a purple jelly paddlepop, the ones we used to have in primary school until they got banned because kids would eat them until the point they were completely jelly and battle eachother with them. 

One and a half more days to go!!


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