Melbourne Roadtrip Day 1

Bye Sydney 



First rest stop

My favourites Yolanda and Saya

Yol's car Margie aka Midge 

The last of Yol's camel's from Fiji

Coffee stop over in Goulburn !

The 'Famous' Paragon Cafe.

The pretty roses in the park we had our coffee

My friends are a little weird

hehehe doing weird things 

Inside the Big Merino Sheep thing

For some reason it is lucky to drop coins inside a ram?

Down to the finest detail

Saya's ratty 

Just a pretty church along the way

Gundagai Lookout

Ridiculously hot dry weather in Wagga Wagga

My shopaholic friend couldn't help herself at temt

She bought the shirt. The shorts were too big I think. Shame they were really cute.

A delicious and healthy sandwich for lunch with some quirky girl who took 20min to make our individual sandwiches.

Wagga Wagga is definitely too 'dry' for me.

Saya trying to use her Doc's as a hammer

Prime Llama viewing spot.

Couldn't be bothered putting the mattress inside the tent. 

To the annoyance of everyone around us we kept the mattress out until early in the morning.


Our cute little set up

Big knot in my hair from being in the car for so long.

Yol's photography. She got a little obsessed with my camera.

D.I.Y esky

Amazing sunset

Random monster truck people camping behind us who decided to test out their flame throwing things at midnight. As well as being ridiculously close the trees above.

And this was only the start of the night.


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