Cairns 4 Thursday

Woke up to another breakfast in this tropical paradise. Palm Cove really is such a charming little strip of beach. Such a nice break from the bump and grind of the city. Today I was going on a day tour by myself to Fitzroy Island to snorkel. Mum and Nick were staying at the hotel pool to relax for the day.

After what seemed like a pretty short boat trip (I may have fallen asleep) I arrived at the beautiful Fitzroy Island. 

There are a lot of photos from my day here because it really was just such a stunning island. After getting my snorkel gear I walked around to where it said on the map that I could maybe see turtles whilst snorkelling.

I can't beleive how perfectly beautiful the day was. This was just what I needed. Some time to hang out by myself, catch some rays and just snorkel.

The snorkelling here was pretty amazing. I didn't use my head strap this time, just took photos holding the GoPro. Now let's play a little game I like to call 'spot the fish'.

I don't think there is anything more relaxing in the world then snorkelling. I mean as soon as you get your snorkel on comfortably and are just able to float, that is where you find true serenity. Being able to completely immerse yourself in this whole other world, and completely forget your troubles on the surface. 

Snorkelling takes me to my happy place. Where I can put together my thoughts more clearly and productively without the negative thoughts to cloud my judgement. It's just me, the ocean, and my thoughts.

Consider this blog post a love poem about snorkelling because that's all its going to end up being. 

I think I may have spent majority of the day at Fitzroy Island underwater. 

I wish so badly that I could just run away from the world, transform into a beautiful mermaid and spend the rest of my life underwater.

I'm sorry if there are excessive amounts of photos of coral. I just think it is so incredibly intricate and amazing. I could look at coral all day, I find it so fascinating. Especially when you watch how the fish interact with the different types of coral.

This is where I started pushing my limits and started going deeper. I was so desperate to see a sea turtle.

So many amazing colours!!

This was my favourite coral.

The only bad thing about snorkelling alone was that I couldn't share this incredible experience with anyone. In particularly, Luke. We went snorkelling in Thailand together, and although he wasn't entirely comfortable with it the entire time, it was still so great to have someone to talk to about it afterwards. There is no one to hold your hand, or point things out to you that you may have missed, or just to struggle with snorkel gear with. 

I am so happy I got this shot. It isn't exactly what I wanted but it's as good as I could get. I tried so long to get this.

After about 3-4 hours of in and out snorkelling I finally retired from the day. Considering the only food I had had all day was a small bit of that awful breakfast at our resort, I was pretty hungry.

After drying off I went to the cafe to get some sort of food. But the kitchen had just closed, so I had to settle for my favourite icecream. Luckily I had packed some tuna and crackers.

After my entirely substantial meal I walked to the other side of the island to continue sunbaking. This half of the island was basically a more tropical version of Brighton in the UK, although instead of smooth stones, it's pointy coral.

It wasn't too bad. It was kind of like one of those pointy massage matts that helps with circulation.

My all time favourite pair (second pair) of sunglasses that cost me $5 at Temt.

After I got extremely bored, (which happens when you are alone) I went for a walk down the other end of the beach.

Spent a good thirty minutes pretending I was a little kid again bouncing around these rocks. I was literally that lonely and bored.

Goosebumps on the boat ride home.

Goodbye extremely amazing Island that I will defiantly be coming back to.

I was so exhausted from having no sustainable food, I decided the logical thing to do would be get drunk on the boat ride back to Cairns. It didn't take long, 3 double blacks and I was gone.

When I finally got back to shore, we drove back to Palm Cove for our last dinner.

For our last supper, we decided to go all out and got the Australian tasting plate at the pub down the road. From left to right: Emu, crocodile, my personnel favourite, kangaroo and barramundi.

This salad was the perfect last meal. Watermelon and fetta salad, made spectacularly. I ended up not being able to finish my glass of red because I was feeling a bit under the weather. Most likely from the boat ride. Ended up leaving dinner early and just collapsing asleep in my ridiculously big, amazing double Queen/ King not sure bed. Tomorrow we say goodbye to sunny Cairns and hello to wet, miserable Sydney.


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