Cairns 3 Tuesday/ Wednesday

Decided to take my braids out because they kind of fell apart after a whole day of snorkelling. It was pretty interesting to see how my hair looked. The hair in the braids that was exposed had faded, but the hair that was covered, for example where the elastics had been was still really purple. Having coloured hair may be high maintenance, but it is also a whole lot of fun. You never really know what colour your hair will be.

We had to eat breakfast at this place next to the hotel called Numi because it came as a package deal, so we had already paid for it. We had 5 meals to choose from each day which was basically 1. The simplest bacon and eggs you have ever seen. 2. Candied grape crepes with ricotta which sound nice in theory but were horrible in practice. 3. Roasted pineapple with custard on brioche, which was just way to sickeningly sweet to be considered breakfast, plus it made me feel sick. 4. Fried rice, don't ask. And 5. Pickled eggs with sesame tofu and some other weird things, which basically smelt and tasted like feet. Plus the worst part was that they had no idea how to make a proper coffee. I tried ordering a soy flat white twice and both times I received coffees that were too frothy to even be called cappuccinos. It was appalling. I love coffee too much to put up with this. So I was relying on tea bag coffee which is actually pretty convenient.

We started the day hopping on an old fashioned scenic train that took us to Kuranda. It was nice but I don't think I will be doing it again. At least not until I am a senior citizen. 

So many beautiful waterfalls. The weather was so lovely, it was a shame we didn't go snorkelling this day.

The train stopped at one point for ten minutes at this stunning lookout over a waterfall. It was pretty spectacular. 

Once we arrived at Kuranda we stopped at a little pie shop and I had a really amazing kangaroo pie and mum had an emu pie, which like I said before really does taste like pate. It's not bad, it is just such a confusing taste.

After we ate we headed to the butterfly sanctuary which is apparently the largest in Australia.

I took a lot of videos on the GoPro here and they look so amazing. Photos just don't do this place justice. It really was so magical.

I was filming at one point and I had a butterfly land on the camera. Mum was taking a photo of me and the exact same moment a butterfly landed on her camera, it was pretty funny.

Please excuse my spotty face. Was having some bad break outs recently, still not really sure what caused it.

Nick was the only one of us lucky enough to have the blue butterfly land on him. They were by far my favourite.

These are Hercules Moth Caterpillars!! They were giant!! You could almost see their facial expressions they were so big. I miss when I was little and used to have pet caterpillars and feed them mulberry leaves.

After the butterfly sanctuary I left mum and Nick to relax for a little while I went in to the bird aviary.

These two didn't move the whole time I was there, they were so sweet.

Ran in to this little guy who was adorable, and really loved getting his neck scratched. 

Watching birds drink is so strange.

It was pretty cool. The birds were really friendly. This little babe literally just let me pick him up and he didn't even mind getting in some photos with me.

Such human eyes.

Hanging out with this babe reminded me of when I used to have a parrot. His name was James Dean. He was a moody one, but when he was in a good mood he was a lot of fun. I wish I didn't have to give him away. He was just too hard to look after. And he was extremely hard to train. I do miss my baby James Dean though. He used to groom me like in the Simpson's.

This is a horrible snapchat I took. The only reason I am putting it up is because it is the only photo I have that shows my weird chicken box hole scar on my neck. Whenever I try to show people it's so hard to find, but when no one is around I always see it. I also have one on my arm.

For some reason they had a "dinosaur museum" which was literally a room of fossil replicas and big stones and gems that were for a sale. It was all a bit weird. The markets were pretty fun though. I spent so long eating taste testers at the fudge store. Ended up buying two packets because I felt guilty, and because it was delicious. Also bought silly friendship bracelets and some postcards because I love postcards.

Went to the shops to get some snack food because we were starving and for some reason all the cafes closed before 3pm. It was really strange. This is me playing with some tiny bananas. 

After playing tourist in Kuranda for a while we headed back down on the Skyrail. It was a pretty spectacular view from start to finish.

They had a couple of stop overs on the way where you could get off and have a closer look at the Daintree Rainforest. This is a huge tree we came across. I would tell you the name if I could.

Nick having a great time, but he would still prefer to be in the pool.

Towards the end of the Skyrail you go over a hill and are greeted with this glorious view of the whole of Cairns. It was quite breathtaking.

We were pretty exhausted after the day trip of Kuranda, so after we got off the skyrail we headed straight home. 

It was still really sunny when we were driving home so I decided that as soon as we got back to the resort I would jump straight in the pool.

Instantly regretted this decision. It was super windy and the sun had gone away by the time we got home. That swim didn't last very long. For dinner we ended up at the Surf Club in Palm Cove which had another serving of amazing bruschetta! Seriously, Palm Cove's bruschetta game is so strong. We had a pretty small dinner because we weren't very hungry and then went home and fell straight asleep like babies.

The next morning we spent lazing by the pool and then went shopping in the afternoon.

The photo quality is awful and I apologise. But here is what I bought from left: 

Cotton On sports bra and gym top
2 dresses from Ally
Palm tree t-shirt dress and beach dress from All About Eve (obsessed)
3 of the exact same bra in different colours from Cotton on Body because it is my favourite bra ever
Black bandana dress from Ally
Block of Reece's (drool) ((it's all gone))
Nerds sour and Love hearts
Dress for the races from Bluejuice
Crop seashell shirt from Ally
Another All About Eve Dress
Skirt and Jumper from SDS
Crop top from All About Eve
Makeup bag (for GoPro) from Cotton on Body
An amazing vintage maps calendar from Cairns book shop

After shopping we went to Cairns and watched the sun set over the water which was quite beautiful. We then spent the night wandering around the Cairns night market which was pretty fun. We ended up buying some honeycomb and some postcards because I love postcards. I actually wish I bought more. Tomorrow I go on a daytrip by myself to Fitzroy Island!!


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