Amity Red Wine

Goodmorning Spring!! So nice to see you again! Spring and Autumn are by far my favourite times of the year. Not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Perfect cardigan weather. I picked up a really bad habit when I was in London of stealing flowers. I would walk home from the station at 11pm and pick the prettiest flower I could find to help brighten up my lonely one bedroom. Here is my latest steal, it's off the beautiful plum blossom that grows next door.

This is my pretty little bedside at the moment. The candles are from Glasshouse (Coconut & Lime), Ecoya (Lotus Flower) and Bondi Markets (Lime, basil & mandarin). The shells are from my mum, and the Coral is from Fitzroy Island. And my pen pal has the matching Bambi that we bought from Cronulla when she visited.

This is my new bedside table from Ikea, it is so cute. My precious stone/ coral collection is underneath in a shell that mum gave me during HSC to bring me luck.

Yol and I met up with Saya after work on a Saturday night. As we were driving to Saya's we made the spontaneous decision to meet up with Nicole at Carmens. Our night quickly turned from eating chocolate and watching tv to putting on makeup and getting ready to go out.

We got in for free which was a bonus and then Nicole got us "backstage" which isn't really backstage, but rather a raised platform behind the DJ. But it was still pretty cool dancing in our own little space with one half of Peking Duk and his little entourage.

Yol went home at the end of the night because of work. Saya and I decided to continue the spontaneity of the night and kick on with Nicole and the entourage. The night pretty much went from being kicked out of a hotel to trying to ditch a guy who kept tagging along, then ending up at someone's house thinking we had ditched the guy to arrive with him standing at the front door. It was a weird night at best. But it was so nice spending a night with my favourite girls.

She's always sleeping.

Later that week was AMITY AFFLICTION!! Met up with Saya and Rick in the city and we got some tacos and drinks at El Loco. Then we drove to Moore Park where some stupid sports game was on so there was no parking anywhere! Then we had to run through the rain. Arrived looking like drowned rats, but it seemed we fit in pretty well with the rest of the crowd.

Spent the majority of the night drinking and people watching. It was quite a spectacle. The bands before Amity were pretty good. We watched a bit of 'Stray from the Path', we missed 'Deez Nuts' who Saya wanted to see. We really liked the band 'Issues' who Rick compared to the One Direction of hardcore. But we really liked them. Plus they gave a shoutout to Sea Shepherd and were wearing Sea Shepherd shirts, just like Saya was.

It was a pretty great night. We got completely smashed during the first song of Amity. And then by the end I was heartbroken because they didn't play their Lana Del Rey cover 'Born to Die'. But overall it was pretty amazing. I had a great night.

A wild Erica in her natural habitat. Wearing her favourable pairing of grey and grey.

I have never really been very good at makeup. I never had a sister to help me out/ to copy. But luckily my best friend knows a thing or two about makeup and has given me tips along the way. And of course mum for letting me borrow some of her makeup. This is my attempt at a little bit of subtle contouring and eyeshadow. Side Note: I have no idea what I am doing with eyeshadow.

I just use Garnier BB cream as foundation, with Nude by Nature powder on top. The Bronzer, Eyeshadow and Blush are all MAC. The Mascara is the Green No clumps one from any chemist (forgot the brand). And the Eyeliner is Benefit's "They're real" Push up Liner, which is pretty easy and fun to use. But it is a bit of a pain to remove. And it tends to flake in to your eyelashes during the application process. But once you get used to it, it's pretty great.

This is my sad attempt at "Bohemian" for a dress up 21st. Wearing my new skirt from Surf Dive N Ski, the top is just from Supre, and the shoes I haven't worn since before London, they were from Rubi shoes.

Spent the majority of the night getting red wine drunk and having sneaky cigarettes out the front with Yol and Gen because the party was severely boring. Actually it wasn't so much the party, but the people that were the boring part. 

You should have seen the house though. It was so beautiful. It was like straight out of a wedding magazine. There were flowers and pretty things everywhere you looked. I literally have no words, it was just so pretty. Plus there was a van out front making pizza all night. As well as dessert pizza. Yep, nutella pizza. It was amazing.

Should I get bangs? Here are some drunk snapchats that I sent on the way home. Remember kids, always save your snaps before you send.

My hair is actually such a ridiculous colour at the moment. I tried to put dye in my conditioner but I put too much in. So some parts of my hair are really purple and others aren't.

This just me annoying Luke on our way in to the city for Brazilian BBQ.  He is pretty down at the moment because he tore his ACL. He only just got off crutches and is still very sore. And next month he will be getting surgery and they will have to go in to recovery all over again.

I was in such a weird mood on the train, I was literally singing Bohemian Rhapsody and Lana Del Rey out loud. I was having one of those 'good voice' days. Which for me doesn't really exist. I just think my voice sounds good when I know in reality it really doesn't.

We had a great night at Churrasco for Christian's Birthday. I have never eaten so much meat in one sitting. If you ever go, eat as many of the deep fried bananas as you can. They are making my mouth water just writing about it!!


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