Poland Day 5 Church and visiting lost lost relatives

Today mum, uncle and I woke up early to drive to mum's special church out in the countryside for a special church service. It was the name's day of the saint that the church was named after. On the way to the church we stopped off at some more unknown long lost relatives. 

Sour cherries

Markets on the street leading up to the church. Mum went to converse with old friends so I adventured around the various stalls, inspecting all the various knick knacks they had on offer.

These are the gardens and lakes behind the church. Such a relaxed, beautiful and spiritual place. 

Religious books and knick knacks.

Poppies. They are so large and vibrant in Poland.

The largest oak tree in Poland.

Whilst all the parents stand at church the teenagers buy some of these firecrackers and let them off out in the field. You could constantly hear them going off. 

These lollies are really popular but they taste quite terrible. Mum insisted I try it but we got bad ones sadly. 

I was able to go inside the church afterwards when it finished to look around. It honestly the only thing I like about religion, the art and architecture involved. It really is such a beautiful place. Everything is so detailed and every aspect of the church seems to tell a story. And if you were wondering this is a Ukrainian Orthodox Church.  

Lighting candles

Lining up to kiss the deities on the wall. 

This was my favourite aspect. The paintings of the saints morphed into animals. This saint was morphed with an eagle and the saint below was morphed with a bull. I just though it was different and interesting.

Kissing the saints image.

After church we went on a huge drive to go see some more distant relatives on some farms in the countryside. None of them could speak english sadly so I just documented everything on the farms. 

I went walking around and managed to find a barn with cows inside. I felt kind of bad for them so I fed them some grass. I spent ages wandering around the barn trying to find a way to get in. 

Picking flowers to make daisy chains with.

Inside the barn. I actually climbed up there and went onto the roof section. It was kind of scary though so I went back down pretty quickly.

I literally just lay here for ages watching clouds. It was so peaceful.

The second farm we ended up at my Aunty Veera was there.

We all did shots of vodka and the adults proceeded to sing Ukrainian songs that mum sang when she was young.

My aunt singing.

Relatives in the reflection.

At the end of the day we drove almost 2 hours to get to a town called Katowice were we met family friends Paulina and her parents. I met Paulina last time I visited Poland when I was 14. 
I was a bit moody and upset when we got to there house, from having spent so much time during the day travelling in uncomfortable conditions. 

I asked to go for a walk and Paulina suggested a bike ride instead which was ana amazing idea. I was wearing a long dress and I didn't even care I just felt so carefree and happy. The bike ride definitely cheered me up. We came home and had a small dinner and then we sat around the table talking and drinking wine for hours. Paulina showed us her piano piece for college, she is studying to be a composer. Her music was so heartwarmingly beautiful, I was so emotionally moved I cannot even begin to describe. 

Before we went to bed I showed Paulina some music I liked and then we listened to the parents singing Ukrainian songs and playing guitar. And then I went to sleep on a pull out sofa bed snuggling with mum.

With love from London Poland

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