Poland Day 2 in Chelm

This day was basically spent reuniting with my grandparents who I haven't seen in 5 years and eating lots of Polish food.

This is my grandparents house where my mum grew up. I have honestly fallen in love with Polish houses and their decorating. It is so eclectic and every house you walk into looks like a st vincent de paul second hand shop, although at the same time everything it all fits together perfectly somehow. All the contrasting colours and patterns, and religious trinkets everywhere. Every house has such a personality. And the houses are tiny. 

My grandparents house also sort of serves as a bit of a museum of myself, my brother and my cousin's lives. 

Beetroot soup, I can't tell you exactly what it is but it is amazing.

A typical polish meal. The salad there is possibly my favourite ever. Sour cream, cream, dill and cucumber. 

Every meal has 3 courses it is ridiculous. Soup or something for starter then main meal then coffee and tea with cake. This cake is like sweet bread with blueberries, made fresh that day as all food in Poland.

My uncle and Dziadek (Grandpa)

Went for a walk around Chelm with mum. She grew up here so it was really nice listening to her tell stories of her childhood as we walked through where it all happened.

Mum's old school

Center of town, love the coloured buildings, they are very polish.

Chemist turned into a restaurant 

Such a nice park with a church in the middle. Catholics really have taken over Poland though. 

The amazing view.

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