Poland Day 4 in Zamosc

On this day mum and I woke up early to catch the bus into Zamosc, it took about an hour. We were visiting Ewa and Kasia at there home and then going to spend the beautiful sunny day at the zoo.

The cat that was always outside Babcia & Dziadek's apartment. 

Polish chocolate and beers.

This was inside their lift. It was a door that opens to put your bike inside etc, for more space in the elevator. The only creepy thing was that you could lock it from the outside. Just a creepy lift.

This is their dog Sonia and I swear it is the exact same size or even smaller then last time I saw it in Poland. It is a teacup yorkshire terrier and it is adorable. 

We attempted to take Sonia for a little walk around the block but she was having none of. The walk which would have originally been 5 minutes turned into 20 due to Sonia being stubborn and cute.

We got back to the apartment and had homemade peach cheesecake with homemade cheese. It was a heavenly melt in your mouth experience. Sadly we can't make this cheese back in Australia because our milk is different. Don't ask me why it just is according to mum.

The verandah/ balcony

Ewa in her room

Me playing with Sonia

Ewa's sister Ola's room who I didn't get to see this time in Poland. How cute are their rooms! I honestly love Polish houses so so much.

Entrance to the zoo

Odd sign but the picture is interesting. 

So much tanning going on at the trinket cart

There were honestly heaps more of these guys scattered in cages throughout the zoo and now I just desperately want a turtle. 

This was probably the creepiest animal I saw. It was like a raven/ crow although it was the size of a dog and was just sitting there like this. It was so unnerving.


Is anyone else concerned that the glass is smashed on a big cat enclosure? Begs the question, was it the cat on the inside or someone on the outside that made the crack. And was it intentional? 

This pig was so huge and disgusting, it was totally living the life in that mud.

This upset me a lot. The big cats were not in good enclosure's at all. The polish people are a bit oblivious to it all. But you can tell these poor animals have gone crazy from the lack of space. This stunning creature was just repeatedly walking back and forth through the cage in the same path never changing its pace. As you can partially see under the leopards feet the ground is stripped bare, now you know why.


I really would love to be like Patty or Selma and walk around with a pet Iguana. They are so interesting looking! A chameleon would be pretty cool too, smaller and more convenient. Although knowing me I would most likely lose a pet chameleon if I had one.

All I could think when I saw this fish was hey it looks like the fish off the Simpson's. 

As I said before about the Leopard, sadly it was the same situation with the Tiger. I wish someone would step in to help this zoo be able to properly accommodate their animals. although I feel that these big cats were beyond repare and would most likely get put to sleep to put them out of their misery.

The lions were just chilling in dandelions. It just looked so unnatural. 

The cutest little ponies!

Wish I had been one of those kids with a pony growing up.

We went walking through town and looked at some historical buildings, statues, castles, you name it they've got it.

I love these little knick knack stalls. I especially love that little elephant. Not that Australian customs would ever let me bring something like that into the country.

Polish parents and there blasé atitudes towards their childrens safety.

Zamosc and it's beautiful town square.

The twins.

This was a really nice park that we walked through. Although every park mum and I went to in Poland was truly beautiful.

The castle

Beautiful Polish architecture 

After dinner of pizza and walking around the town for a while we sat down to watch the sunset over the beautiful city square and people watch whilst eating some delicious ice cream sundaes. 

This was mine. It was called Fruitella and it was incredible! Tones of fruit with pistachio, chocolate and mango flavoured icecream and some sort of liqueur at the bottom. Mmmmm.

At the end of the day Kasia and Ewa drove us back to Chelm and during the trip Ewa taught me various Polish words and we sung Polish songs. 

Wearing: Cotton on singlet
Shorts from Myer
Shoes from Wanted
Bag for £3 at vintage shop in London

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