Poland Day 8 Goodbye Dziadek

We were supposed to catch the train early at about 6 in the morning or earlier, but we decided against it as this would be the last time I would be seeing Dziadek for at least another couple of years, and I am glad we got to spend a bit more time with him. 

We all had a big family lunch that day and of course we don't speak the same language but I know he loves me and vice versa. As we were packing everything together Dziadek came over and put 200 Polish zloty in the bottom of my camera bag just as I was putting my camera in it. And then he gave me the cheekiest smile which reminded me of when I was little and he would feed me chocolates after dinner and mum had no idea. And he would smile at me like that, our secret language which basically meant "don't tell mum."

That was years ago when Babcia and Dziadek lived with us in Sydney in the room that my brother sleeps in now. Dziadek loved our old dog Tess. Tess and Todd the two identical sausage dogs. And I know he cried when he heard that she had passed. 

These photos make me so happy. Just seeing them smiling is such a beautiful sight. 

He was so sad. Close to tears, as was I. Babcia was meeting us in Warsaw to say goodbye to us at the airport but Dziadek is sadly too old to travel that far.

I will miss you Dziadek. And hopefully next time I see you we can have a proper conversation. 
Love you Dziadek. 

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  1. That story is very beautifull.
    I think you're a great person.