Poland Day 3 with Ewa and Kasia

This is one of my favourite things about Poland, the breakfast. For me it is just so much fun having a cup of tea and feeling like an artist putting together all these different foods and just spending half of the time experimenting. My favourite would be the brown square bread with a slice of that yellow cheese, some tomato and cucumber and then some polish cottage cheese on top, with a dash of salt. 

And of course by the time you finish breakfast it is past 11 which for some reasons means you must eat cake. I am such a sucker for my Bacia's cooking, especially the strawberry cake below. It doesn't look nearly as good as it tastes.

On this day Kasia (mum's childhood best friend) and her daughter Ewa came to visit us in Chelm. I see them every time I come to Poland, so it is basically like Ewa and I grew up together. Mum and K had a lot of catching up to do obviously so I asked Ewa to take me to a second hand clothing shop, turns out its really big in Poland. 

This is one level of this particular 2nd hand shop. It was massive. I didn't have much luck but I found a nice black backless velvet dress which was pretty cute.

Oh and they don't have change rooms in second hand shops. So that was a bit of a shock seeing women and men just getting changed everywhere. Not caring if anyone was looking or what not. But I guess change rooms at public swimming pools are kind of the same. I don't think I could ever change openly in a swimming pool change room, I just get too awkward standing near all the half naked girls. 

Funeral flowers. They are everywhere. Poland is extremely religious. Not in some creepy scientology way, but in the kind of way that makes you want to be part of a church even if you don't believe in God. It is just so wholesome and everyone comes together. It is like a big Polish family. 

The twins sharing a ricotta and spinach crepe.

Poland going crazy over the Euro Soccer

The ones in the first box on the second shelf are my favourite. Its like some sort of hard jelly in a thin layer of chocolate. 

Meringue cake

Whipped egg whites with sugar in pastry

History of how Chelm used to look.

Big church at top of hill. Mum would always say if I ever got lost find the big church and home will be on the other side.

A grave that mum used to look after when she was younger.

Ewa and Kasia went home and mum and I went for a walk so I could have a smoke. We spoke about the holocaust as we walked past the little Polish gardens. On the way back we visited mum's old school friend Bacia who had he most annoying pug I have ever seen. It was the devil in a cute pug body. All it did the whole time we were over, was bark and snarl at us, even when we were just sitting trying to converse. Oh and it could barely breath which was a bit creepy to watch. 

She fed us this amazing pavlova with these delicious berries on top that I have completely for the life of me forgotten there name and we couldn't find any for the whole trip. 

Back at my grandparents they showed me the tv station with english tv dubbed over with Polish. 
It was impossible to watch but I really like that movie so I tried my best.

This was a very chilled out day. And after spending the previous day travelling 5 hours instead of 3 hours because of traffic, it was a very good day. 

With love from London Poland I'm back in London now 

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