Poland Day 6 with Blueberry Pierogi & Shopping

On this day we had a beautiful breakfast at Paulina's before having to catch a 3 hour train back to Chelm.

These are some photos of Paulina's house. I really love how polish people decorate their houses. they are so charming and cute.

There arn't many photos from this day because it was mostly spent travelling on a train and reading next to mum. But below are photos from Lunch my Babcia prepared for us and my absolute favourite food in the whole entire world, the kind of food you actually dream about, Blueberry Pierogi. 

It is special pasta with blueberries and sugar inside with whipped cream and it is amazing beyond words.

Babcia making us the Pierogi

One of my favourites things about Poland, the Pierogi. 

Mum and I decided to take a stroll to town to check out the shops. 

The symbol of Chelm.

Really really typical Polish fashion


Love these shorts. The colour didn't come out in the photo very well though.

Beautiful old rustic apartments

A convenience store in Poland, how crazy is it all. 

A cute journal in an art shop

That pink stuff with the white whipped cream on top of it is this type of jelly, it is so weird it's not completely formed as jelly, it's so hard to describe. But it is one of mum's fond dessert memories as a child.

We had some more family friends come over that night. The little girl and I sat together for almost an hour and I was helping her learn her english. She sung to me english songs from her school book it was so sweet. It reminded me of when I was trying to learn french at school.

With love from London Poland


  1. mmm those pierogis look so good. your photographs are gorgeous as well c:

  2. I love the pictures you do. You're a great photographer.
    I'm trying to learn english and the comments of your trip to Poland I've loved and yet help me.
    I hope more trips and stories.
    Thank you for all.

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