Poland Day 11 City with Ewa & Kasia Part 2

The twins just doing their thang. 

Walking back home through the park we saw this lovely sight of a newly wed couple taking photos. Shame the sky was cloudy now due to the oncoming summer storm.

Basically Kasia and mum sat and spoke for a long time in the park and Ewa was still at uni so I became enchanted watching a boy create these giant bubbles for the happy children. Since I wasn't doing anything else I just played with my camera Harlow and tried to get some interesting shots. Enjoy. 

After we said our sad goodbyes to Ewa and Kasia we went to my Aunt Veera's place where Babcia was waiting for us. 

The creepy lift that smelt a little like piss, cigarettes, homelessness and dog poo all rolled into one nice cube that we were privileged enough to stand in. 


Family love <3 Missing them already

This is my Great great great aunt veera's dope apartment. I love the hippie vibe, inferring of course to the yin yang sticker and the suns and moons hanging off the light. 

This was my second last day in Poland. It was in 2 parts because blogspot didn't let me have all the photos in one. 

With love from London Poland

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