Poland Day 12 Last Family Supper

Mum, Babcia, Urek and I spent the day getting mum and I packed for London and having a nice lunch together at home. In the afternoon we headed into Old town Warsaw to meet with family and friends, most of whom I do not know, to say how hellos' and goodbyes before we left Poland. 

This is a statue commemorating the child soldiers who lost their lives in War. Who were forced to fight when they shouldn't have been. 

For dinner we went to an extremely Polish restaurant. It was beautifully decorated down to the smallest detail. The rooster painting below is another example of traditional Polish art which I have discussed in previous posts.

My favourite animals, swallows.

Next to me is my great great aunt Veera, mum, unknown, babcia, unknown, unknown, and I think Bacia and if I am wrong I apologise and hopefully mum will correct me. 

I actually love these pickles so much. They aren't the same as Australian pickles, they have a completely different taste. Although before the main meal came out I ate at least 5, fun fact eating lots of pickles makes you extremely thirsty.

Mum and I devoured this amazing appetizer in under 5minutes. Smokes salmon with capers, chilli and lemon. 

Soup entree served in cute mini saucepans. 

This is usually my favourite salad, although I was very let down by this restaurants lack of effort put into it. I know it is the simplest salad you could possible ever have, cucumber, sour cream and chives but it just wasn't great here. 

Mum and I shared this 1/4 of a pig. Makes me want to be vegetarian just looking at it. I like meat but not the look of it. To be honest it was really nice once you found decent pieces of meat underneath all the fat, it reminded me of my legs, I am sure they look nice underneath the fat.

Potato sausages with dips and garnish. 

Lemon sole I think. I don't really like fish and this was definitely no exception. 

Only 5 more days with mumma bear

I got pretty bored so I ended up playing with this candle for about 15minutes. Mum eventually joined in and we were making shapes out of the wax. It was a bit painful not knowing Polish but I found ways around it I guess, just zoning out of conversations for example. Gave me a lot of time to think whilst in Poland. 

They came and played music for us. Veera asked them to play some Ukrainian songs and they did. The whole table was singing along. It was quite an unreal experience. 

Family photos

3 generations of Zukowska girls, that's whassup

After dinner we all took a stroll together through Old Town Square.

Aunt Veera bought me and mumma bear flowers <3

He made a face because I was taking a photo.

Warsaw <3

Sunset over the town

After we said our goodbyes to family who we wouldn't be seeing again, Babcia went home and mum and I went to go see Ewa and Kasia for the last time. 

Ewa and her boyfie.

We all walked down to a really cute cafe where Kasia was having drinks with Ewa's boyfriend's mum. We joined them and sat until late in the night drinking homemade lemonade and making sure we told eachother as many stories as possible before we had to part again. Hopefully not for another 5 years. 

After sadly leaving Ewa and Kasia behind we went back to Urek's house to have our last sleep in Poland.

With love from London Poland

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