London with Mum - Harrod's & Goodbyes

On the last day of being blessed with the company of my beautiful mum in London we did the traditional mother and daughter form of bonding passed down through time....we went shopping!
It's the little things, like getting criticised about how different aspects of your body look in the change rooms that make you really miss a person. 

We went into Zara which are the photos below and tried on clothing for a while. And there was a sale which was an added bonus.

I am so obsessed with this jumper. It reminds me of the American Apparel one that features on Lana Del Rey in Blue Jeans. I like the dying effect as well. Oh well moving on.

After Zara we only had 5 min to pop into Topshop before we had to go meet Jessica and another family member Pawel at Harrods for lunch. We got a couple of pieces of jewellery which to be honest I have been obsessed with since and barely wear anything else. 

Pawel, Jessica, Mum and I. Jessica's Boyfriend was taking the photo for us.

We looked around Harrods for an hour or so after having lunch, which by the way I had the most delicious egg's benedict. It is my guilty breakfast (brunch) pleasure. Looking around Harrods I feel can be easily related to looking at an art museum. Look all you want but don't even think of touching.

 It scares me how a ring which can be so easily lose (not that you ever would lose something that expensive) can cost the same as a house. I choose to live in the ignorance of the financial world because I do not understand money or maths so economics and finance just baffle me to no end. But I just don't understand how an individual can justify buying themselves or buying for someone else a necklace that they will probably only wear on the fanciest occasions or barely ever, when that money could get at least 10 people off the streets and into houses. This money could open up an array of small businesses and create jobs, but instead it's sitting on someone's neck in the form of tiny little stones.

I just can't justify it. 

Afterwards the inevitable had to come, mum had to be taken to the airport. 

Nothing is worse then saying goodbye to the number one person in your life a second time.
Counting down the days until I can wake up everyday to morning cuddles with her. 
I can't write much here to be honest because I am tearing up just looking at these photos. 
I just miss home so much.
I miss being with my family. 

Ending the adventure with mum with a new Longchamp bag, a soy chai latte and Bon Iver.

And here is an embarrassing selfie of me on the train with my puffy face from the non stop crying that occurred when mum left me again.

With Love from London

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