Poland Day 11 City with Ewa & Kasia Part 1

Woke up at Ewa's to a lovely breakfast that her mum Kasia had brought over. Those sweet rolls in the middle are to die for. Today mum, Kasia, Ewa and I walked through Warsaw. Making the most of our second last day in Poland. 

The happy hungover Polish people

Cute illustrations on a local magazine.

Was really hoping it would taste as good as it sounds. But sadly strawberry flavour is closer to laxatives then actual strawberries. 

This is a famous building in the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto that acts as a memorial to all those who had their lives unfairly taken from them. 

The memorial fountain in the Jewish Ghetto

Pretty tattoo

The twins

Walking through a beautiful park on the way to town. The statues were beautiful, all greek gods. 

This was quite lovely, it was a bench that played classical Chopin music, because fun fact if you didn't know already Chopin was Polish. 

A really nice Polish chocolate cafe that sadly we didn't get to go to on this trip but I remember it from our last visit 5 years ago. Then again I don't think we needed the added calories on top of everything else we had been getting fed whilst in Poland. 

As if this doesn't look like a great lazy way to adventure around the city. 

We went into a Polish folk shop and underneath are some photos from inside. The recurring pattern is very common in Poland but I don't know what it's importance is. 

Some pretty big cup sizes..

As much as I love souvenirs and Polish culture, the real fur really does turn my stomach. 

These are my current favourite flowers. They grow so ridiculously large in Europe compared to back home in Australia.

Mum and I were considering buying the Rooster for dad but felt it was a bit overpriced. 

I wish I had got this FAUX fur vest. It was so lovely but sadly was about 3 sizes too large. 

How cute is that ice-cream, tacky granted but it is still cute. And now I am crazing watermelon just looking at it. 

For lunch we decided to go to this charming French cafe. The bread was all made in the store and it tasted beyond delicious! 

Those berries are my new found absolute favourite. 

My one weakness, macaroons. 

We had these baby birds flying around us. They were so darling. I mean if they were bigger we would have had a definite problem but because they were so small and cute their cockiness was considered endearing rather then revolting and obstructive of how enjoyment. 

I had brie, turkey and cranberry with a side of fancy freshly squeezed OJ. If you look at my bread you can see all the various fruit and nuts that were put in it. There were even figs!! It was positively the most delicious bread I have ever eaten!

Being French in Poland

Mum met up with some more old friends from High school that she hadn't seen in millions of year, of course this is where I failed to exist to her for the rest of the day but that was understandable under the given context. 

Ewa and Kasia had to leave so I left my mum with her old friends and decided to adventure around the city and take some photos. It gave me a chance to clear my head and think, enjoy the summer sun and absorb myself within my surroundings. 

Where the Euro 2012 was being held. 

I love the cobblestone alleyways, I could walk through their twisty paths all day if it wasn't for the blasted humidity. As great as the sun is and what not, humidity truly is a bitch. 

Cute little Polish chess men

Pierogi restaurant mmmmm

This was one of the churches I went into. Yep I got spiritual....and nothing. But hey I gave it a shot. I like the smell of churches. Its like incense and candles mixed together and created this whole new smell. 

I don't know I just don't feel the whole spiritual pull towards the whole god delusion as Richard Dawkings would call it. 

I have one of these in my room back at home. I have had her since I was little. She is much prettier then these dolls though. But honestly, look how elaborate these costumes are for dolls...it's beautiful. Strange but beautiful. 

This is my favourite place in Warsaw old town, the square. I adore the detail in the buildings, how everyone is painted uniquely. How the restaurants are laid out. The painters who sit in the heat and paint because thats what they love. The children playing in the fountain. The teenagers playing music in a corner. I sat here for a couple of hours and contemplated life. It was very surrene. 

I know there are a lot of pictures of buildings. I am just so intrigued by the architecture. It is so cute and wholesome. It makes the town look so friendly and endearing. 

Another church. Yes today was an odd day. Lots of thinking was done..

Intense tattoo, but pretty. 


We witnessed the after math of a bus hitting a bike rider, or a biker rider hitting a bus. We couldn't truly establish this. Hopefully he is alright. 

Polish street style at it's best. 

Clogged up traffic. 

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