Grocery shopping to help settle in

To get set up in my new apartment I went shopping for the basics. Number 1 being a blanket because sadly I didn't have one. I left it at the friend's place I was staying at.

Shopping List:
. Blanket
. Mattress cover
. Candles

And some poor people food to last me until I went to Paris!

I am now living a 5min bus ride away from a huge shopping plaza called Brent Cross Shopping Centre. It has basically everything. So before I did my actual shopping I walked around and below are a few cute things I passed on my way.

I think these are just used for decoration but they are so sweet. I found them in Fernwick. I would never buy one because it just takes too much space but they are so charming!

I wanted to buy this for my friend Yolanda because she likes owls but I didn't have money to buy presents :( I found this in Paperchase.

I was going to buy this for Starsh but again I had no money and anyway she already has a pressie. this was found in a cheap accessories place.

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