My new apartment

The next day after I found the place and visited it I moved in. I feel like such a gypsy always moving between places. Sadly there was no one around to help me this time. Unfortunately thats the life for a single independent broke white girl with two much extra baggage.

I ended up spending the whole day travelling back and forth. 3 trips! It took me 3 trips to get all this shit here. Excuse the language, it just wasn't a spectacular day for me. Dom helped me with the last trip though which was amazingly helpful otherwise it would have turned into 4 trips. With each trip taking an hour and a half.

But we finally made it. Ended up dumping everything and going out drinking to celebrate. Ironically we ended up back where we started in Kingston at Oceania which was a first and definitely a last. But we had fun. And what's even more ironic is that I spent my first night in my new apartment sleeping at my friends house again because he came out with us that night and Dom and I needed a place to crash. 

The next day I came home hungover to this...

But after only a couple of hours watching Daria and organising I was soon able to turn it into this...

My new beautiful beautiful room. And in celebration I decided to have a salty calorie filled binge on Peanut butter chocolate. My one true weakness.

With Love from London

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