London with Mum - Cafe Rouge & M&M World

After mum and I landed in London and got settled into our fancy apartment in Earl's Court we were exhausted and starving. I took her to Tottenham Court Road where there is a chain French restaurant called Cafe Rouge, which if you come to London I insist you go to because it is lovely! I took mum here and we had mussels (our weakness), a salad with bacon and chicken and other lovely things and mumma bear had a lemon sole. 

Afterwards we walked through Leicester Square trying to see if we could get tickets for Matilda for the following night. Sadly no luck. We passed M&M world and I dragged mum inside to marvel at the excessiveness with me. 

Afterwards we strolled through Piccadilly Circus and I showed mum the Trocadero and we watched people breakdancing for about 20minutes. We just stood there talking it was great. Made me miss dancing with Starsh back home. We did hip hop for a year, it was just so embarrassing and fun.

Why does this even exist!!! They are so hideous, I can't even...

This was our first day in London together and we were already exhausted. 

With love from London

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