Goodbye Babcia & Poland

And the end came too soon.

This was the day I had to say goodbye to Babcia. I really don't want it to be another 5 years until I see her again.
 I have had the most amazing time in Poland!

Visited relatives, cooked with my Grandma, went to Polish church, sung Polish songs, drunk polish wine with university students, walked through old towns, patted cows in old run down farms, listened to old family friends reminisce in a language I didnt know, experienced the Euro 2012 soccer hype in it's host city, spent hours driving in old cars that are barely road worthy, hung onto my mum like a little baby for fear of losing her again and just spending time with my Grandparents who I don't get to see as often as I would like. 

All in all it has been amazing. Being unable to converse properly gave me a lot of time to think and evaluate my life. I have made a lot of plans in my head and changed a few things about myself action wise. I want to be someone my Grandma can go to all her friends houses with a photo of me (nose ring or not) and tell them how proud she is of me. As cheesy and lifetime movie as it sounds, I want to make my Grandparents (and parents as well obviously) proud. 

This is for my pen pal Bambi

Do widzenia Polska
Kocham Chie

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