London with Mum - London Eye

These are some shots taken from the cruise we took along the river to get to the London Eye.

I liked this. Good old vintage Queenie. 

So basically we weren't able to cut in line or anything being with a tour so our tour guide Mrs Doubtfire handed us our tickets and we all had a very sad goodbye. And mum and I proceeded to line up for half an hour, which was a pleasant experience for all involved after a tiring day of being carted around the city. But we made it and the view truly was impressive when we got up there. London is beautiful, even when covered in it's usual blanket of grey sky. 

The udderbelly comedy festival which I sadly didn't get to go to. 

Mum's favourite building.

We got pretty bored halfway through so I started taking photos with my camera to make gifs with later. Everyone was giving me weird looks because I was taking hundreds of photos of the same thing. I will try and figure out how to get them off my iphone and put them in a separate blog post. 

After the Eye, which was definitely NOT overrated, we went to the gift shop and I finally did some proper souvenir shopping. Biggest waste of money, but who doesn't like a lighter with the word LONDON on it, or a key chain with a red double decker bus on it.

Waterloo was buzzing when we walked through it to get to the station. I don't know why but the buskers were all in animal suits. Why do these people expect money? All they did was go buy an animal suit and stand in a street. None of them were expressing any talent. I understand musical buskers because most of them are actually good at something unique and want to share this talent with the world. Buying a giant animal costume is NOT a talent!

Mum and I bumped into these boys who were coincidently from Down Under and were advertising their male burlesque show. Definitely putting the show on my bucket list. I was actually telling mum the guy on the right was cute before I got photos with the other one. I actually didn't know the cute one was next to me, hence why I am laughing in the end because I literally just realised he was there. I like that we seem to make one giant gay peacock. Love it!

Cute little garden at the Udderbelly festival. I just wanted to have a peek inside. 

How gorgeous are these mushrooms stools and tables! It is so Alice in Wonderland.

Pop up pianos in the city, such a beautiful idea. 

Pop up poetry in the city. This was all to celebrate London Festival which was on at the time.


This makes me want to see Matilda even more!

We adventured into a cute artsy craftsy store and it was pretty much like we had just stepped inside a Frankie magazine.

I am so obsessed with cartoon artwork like this. It is so simple yet I just want to buy everything there and have it in my house just to look at every day because it makes me smile. Worst sentence ever! I don't even care I am tired, it is cute, end of story. 

Food market at Waterloo

We didn't buy anything but we tried some olives, mmmm.

Mum and I then went home, exhausted. And crashed for the night. That was a big day for the both of us. Being a tourist really wears you out!!

With Love from London

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