Alone with no home in London

Having been left behind by mum it was time to pick myself up and start all over again in London. 
All by myself. No home, no job and no idea.

I started with looking for a place to put all my extra luggage and went out house hunting.
After countless hours scrolling spareroom.com I decided to go to their speedflatmating event in Camden. 

This was the list I went there with. The list that would determine what house would be suitable. You basically turn up at the event and either get a sticker saying "I need a room" or "I have a room". And on these stickers you write your maximum price and what area you would prefer.

Turns out everyone with the "I have a room" stickers might as well had just worn stickers saying "You can't afford this". But the night wasn't a total disappointment. I went out for a smoke and met a nice guy who turned out to be a regular dj of the place we were at. He went back in to dj and I got talking with some nice blokes whose room was well out of my price range but they were nice. We went out to a shisha cafe and then I left them to go say bye to dj. 

Ended up sitting with dj and his stick figure stunner of a girlfriend speaking with them for nearly 2 hours. They were such great people and I will hopefully get a chance to meet with them before I leave. 

The next day I ended up getting ridiculously lucky and finding a place 10min from Camden on the tube, 10min walk to the station and as reasonable a price I would find. I went over, saw the house. Only flaw is that I can't have people over but big woop I don't have friends here who don't have there own places anyway. 

These photos are here to highlight the fact that I came back from a sweltering hot summer in Poland to this. Summer in London, charming. 

When I got home I was locked out of the friend's house I was staying at so here are a couple of photos of me conversing with the kittys. Sadly the orange one had to be put down a couple of weeks after I left :( R.I.P no name slob.
I called it that because it always reminded me of the cat from Breakfast at Tiffany's, and I may have sung Moon River to it on more then one occasion. 

But good news is that I have a home! 
Now just to get a job.

With Love from London

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