London with Mum - High Tea at Fortnum & Mason

On this day mum and I were meeting up with my cousin Jessica who lives in London currently with her Boyfriend, we all planned to go to Fortnum and Mason for some High Tea. Our reservation was at 2pm  so I spent the morning taking them around Soho and made a point of taking them to my favourite cafe Milkbar. Sadly it was raining during the morning and Milkbar was packed although when we got to F&M our day definitely improved.

Jubilee celebratory art on the side of the F&M building.

These were really cute! They were eggs that you broke open yourself and inside is a candle!

They also had an afternoon tea which consisted of a hot meal, but we chose finger sandwiches instead. because everyone loves finger sandwiches!

Pretty bird on the menu


My cousin Jess and I

You start at the bottom with the finger sandwiches and then work your way through the scones which had amazing jam to accompany them and then you end on the cakes, and this is usually when you order your tea.

I went out for a smoke at one point and I remember being so captivated by a bookstore shop window. It was a special fancy bookstore where most of the books were signed by the author or were original copies. But what I remember was looking at the window which was featuring Shakespeare and on the wall were all these random quotes from different plays pinned up. One of these quotes stuck with me and I really like it, "But words are words I never yet did hear, that the bruised heart was pierced through the ear" 

Blueberry, raspberry or strawberry jam..mmmmmm.

I love the colour scheme, it's very Breakfast at Tiffany's.

On top of the cakes we already had we could also choose something from this tray. Kind of regretting not getting that pink layer cake it looks divine.

Calling the theatre Matilda was playing at, trying to book tickets for that night. 

When we got our teas I had a mango black tea and an apple black tea. Jessica had a fancy white tea off their Jubilee selection, and mum had a green tea with berries I think.

"Please don't go, I'll eat you up I love you so"

He smiled for the photo, what a cutie.

I wish I was rich and had high tea at my house on a Friday afternoon just because I could. And we would use these sugar sticks because we are fancy and rich and could afford them. I couldn't believe the crazy things they had here, crazy as in "I am so rich I don't actually need this, and probably will never use it, but it looks nice so I will get it".

I am putting this place on my to do list, it looks like fun. You should see the inside, it's intense. 

A little China in the middle of London

I really like the carvings.

We ended up going to the theatre where Matilda is playing, although we waited we sadly couldn't get tickets which was a shame. I was really hoping to see a West End show with mum whilst she was here. 

We took a wrong turn and ended up in this cute as kittens place. It's called Neal's yard and it is a little Alleyway that leads into a courtyard with lots of vegan and vegetarian cafes and themed places. 

Oh and it is really colourful as you can see.

We walked to Covent Garden and ran into this street performer of the animal variety. Specifically known as a street cat named Bob, as you can see from the book he has written about him. Yep this cat has it's own book. It was so content sitting without a lead or anything tying him down, just relaxing, people watching. He could even shake hands!! I am slightly more fond of kitties now. 

I wish I could see this show again, I saw it twice once in London 5 years ago and once in Sydney when it was playing. It is honestly the most incredible show you will ever see on stage. 

Even more crazy in person!

They are doing an art project in London, I am not sure who specifically is organising it but basically they are geting different companies, shops, labels etc to contribute by decorating their own phone booths. I know it's silly but I actually love seeing all the different concepts everyone comes up with. 

These guys were also better in real life because they were dancing pretty crazy, swinging backwards and forwards. It was pretty intense for a string quartet. 

We ended our day with Jessica with a light dinner at this nice bar. We had a platter with pitta bread, dips, quiche and olives. And of course I had mum have her first Pimm's and Lemonade in London, well actually ever. Mum had never tasted Pimm's before!

Magic tricks

We ended the night back in our fancy apartment in Earl's Court. This is the view from our apartment.

With love from London

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  1. Your stories are amazing, a simple thing you take a beautiful story. You are a magic of beautiful things out of nothing.
    Is sad for me to finish the story of Poland, but I want you to do a lot of traveling and live many good times and of course the count.
    And... the breakfast!!!, Ummm ummm ñam ñam ñam, very good right?
    Thanks again