Monument with Jess

As it got quite scarily close to my flying home date I had a little catch up with my cousin on her work break as I wouldn't be able to see her at any later time because the lucky duck was going to Oktoberfest. She worked at Monument which was convenient because I hadn't actually climbed up it yet.  There are 311 stairs to climb... it was hard and I am not even embarrassed to say that. It is worth it for the view you are greeted with at the top, but at the same time it is one big struggle. Sadly it was a bit of a typical London day so the sky was your average grey. But colour aside, the view was spectacular. 

Somehow I am lucky to be related to this gorgeous girl. We definitely look nothing alike. 

The stairs of death and hopefully a bit of muscle gain and weight loss. 

Sad goodbyes. I haven't seen my cousin since. She is still freezing her butt off in London. Can't wait to reunite again.

With love from London

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