The Art Gallery of NSW

Yesterday my college TFI (The Fashion Institute) took us to the Art Gallery of New South Wales for a good old fashioned field trip to see the an exhibition, "The fashion of Helmut Newton and Bettina Rheims". If you get the chance I highly recommend you check it out. The photography is amazing, confronting, confusing and just surreal. It plays on the ideas of erotica, androgyny and youth, with all the models being under 25. Notable mention is Kate Moss' photograph was taken when she was 15. 

This was one of the two downright creepy exhibitions we saw. I hate that I didn't take note of the artist. The old woman pictured above was actually breathing which made it way too realistic and weird. It truly was confronting how realistic they looked. And the old lady in the first image was very small, about the size of my forearm. I read the description and it was about vulnerability. 

The second exhibition was so interactive and intense. There was a dead man on the floor with plastic covering him, it wasn't real but it may as well have been. And next to the man was a industrial fridge door with a sign next to it saying "Only three at any one time". I was in the first group to go through the door. It was basically like you were instantly underground in a horror story basement maze. There are weird smells and strange noises and it is pitch black, we were using our phones for light. To find the way out you needed to go through every door and try every direction. It was really fun (in a scary way) and interesting and really played on your emotions. It felt like that last scene in Silence of the Lambs. The video underneath is the maze. It is called "Basement Killer Haus U R" by Gregor Schneider.

We then all went and checked out the ArtExpress gallery which was amazing but at the same time all I could think was "My year 12 art major sucked I wish I did this". Above is an illustration in felt tip pen which is just ridiculous. 

This was photomedia and photography. I really want to know how she did the photography part. They really were spectacular. 

Charcoal on wood

"Do it yourself Still Life" Very clever

A polaroid inside a polaroid inside a polaroid, this was pretty awesome. 

Sahra and Kelsie

Sarah and Kelsie's leopard print shoes, well on trend.

Bryce and Sarah 

I left the museum with Sahra and Kelsie and we got coffees at Pitt Street where we sat for nearly 3 hours just talking. I was supposed to go to Miranda but decided I would rather just hang out and see where the day takes me. We then met a friend of Sahra's who is a photographer that I may be collaborating with soon hopefully. Then 3 more of Sahra's friends joined us, fresh off the train from Newcastle. We wandered around the shops for a while and then decided to buy some cheap wine and go to S' lovely Surrey Hills apartment. I was going to go home at that point and then I realised that it would be a stupid idea because I would just be bored at home alone so I stayed with my lovely new friends. 

We went through a couple of bottles of wine, 2 avocados, 3 packets of crackers, and a hommous. Then S' Boyfriend came who was playing a gig later that night.

S and her darling apartment. 

The house next door, wish I got a better photo. It was Tiffany green and white and oh so well maintained. 

Before we went to the gig we went to this Mexican place "El loco" I think that's what it's called but don't hold me to it. Where we devoured these delicious, $9, worth every cent hot dogs. This place was great minus the cactus table numbers that wouldn't stand up, I caught one moments before it crashed on S' head. And minus the fact that as soon as we all started eating we got told to move inside, even though we would only be there for another 5min.

After the delish hotdogs we headed down to Tipple Bar, across the road from Central station, where S' bf Cal would be playing with Marissa Sarocca. C was drumming. It was a lovely gig, such a great way to end the day. Every Tuesday night is open mic night, so if you are a local artist you should check it out. And even if you aren't musical or have any musical talent (like myself) who cares, pop down and support your local arts. I am going to start making a conscious effort to look into local gigs and cool places in Sydney to go. I knew London so well, it's time I got to know Sydney's cultural side. 

This day reminded of London and all the random adventures that would always happen to me there. Full of new friends, unknown locations and most likely ending drunk in bed smiling. I guess I realised yesterday that I didn't need to be in London, or travelling Europe for these crazy things to happen. I just have to be open and say yes to everything. You know that moment where you come to a cross roads and you can either do something you may not be comfortable with because you are unfamiliar with the conditions, or you can go home to where you know your comfortable bed and snuggly blanket and familiar laptop are waiting for you at home, take a leap. Jump into the deep end. Do the unfamiliar. This is how adventures and new friends start. I have been wishing I could go back to London for a while now, not because I'm unhappy, just because I miss those weird adventures. But now I have realised that you can have weird adventures anywhere, you just have to say yes and jump. 

With Love from E

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  1. such an amazing day! love the hillarious photos outside my hosue ha!