Rihanna does River Island

Rihanna for River Island...thoughts?

I have to be honest here and just tell you that I am not Rihanna's biggest fan. I love her style but her songs are too poppy for my liking, although the main reason is that I don't support girls going back to guys that have abused them, be it physically or mentally. She is looked upon by millions of young impressionable girls and she needs to take responsibility for them because like it or not if they see that she thinks this is ok, they will think the same thing. But that's just my opinion. Back to the collection.

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 "...but this is the biggest one yet."

Quoting river Island themselves. 

I don't particularly like this collection. Considering that no matter what anyone says about this collection it will still sell to the hoards of obsessive fans in the hope to emulate their favourite singer of all time oMg XOXO.

If you don't feel like watching the 8min video here are some of the main looks that Riri went for.

Baywatch style high waisted.

Angelina Jolie split leg

I have no name for this because it is just hideous. This outfit makes absolutely no sense. High waisted grunge boots with baggy high waisted grandma underwear and a short loose but still tight singlet, and of course in case she gets cold a jacket? Even the model can't make this work. No Riri, just no.

Yellow high necks with body chains underneath that aren't even that visible or necessary. 

Jackets tied around waists.

Stripes on stripes on stripes on stripes with a hint of stripes. 

Very denim on denim, very 90's, very "maybe-it-should-have-stayed-there"

No shirt occurrences accompanied by plain as rice outfits.

This awesome colour made into not so awesome schpants. Too long to be shorts, too short to be pants. The top is actually quite nice. 

I really liked this dress until I realised its one of those designs that makes you look like you have saggy boobs because the lines go down. This doesn't really make sense but you should be able to get what I am saying if you have boobs. 

This pattern. Love the skirt. That top actually makes the models boobs look saggy which is just ridiculous. 

Outfits that don't really start or end

Awkwardly designed hideous mesh tops.

Your typical floral pattern

That white outfit, not really sure. 

Her show was held off-site at a disused post office on New Oxford Street with the soundtrack featring artists such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar and herself, with her song "Phresh off the Runway" playing at the end.

The fact is whether you love it or hate it, it happened and it will sell.

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  1. Far too much nipple! The outfits just aren't very flattering at all tbh..