Home is where the heart is

It was time to let go and and open my wings and fly back home to the people I had so dearly missed.

24 or more of the worst hours later I was finally home. I hadn't actually told any of my friends I was coming home, I had written a status before I left saying I was going to Amsterdam with Georgia. They had absolutely no idea. I arrived late at night and mum came and picked me up at the airport. When I got home I had a shower, got dressed and left straight away to see my best friend Saya. By the time I got to hers it was around midnight. I knocked on her window and she came out. She had no idea who I was because she couldn't see me. I can't express how much I love surprises and surprising people. It is just such a great feeling seeing their face and hearing that pure unexpected happiness in their voice. We sat on the road talking until 3 in the morning and we made plans to see Yolanda the next day. 

The next morning I went to Luke's early in the morning because I was hoping to call his brother to get him to distract Luke so I could slip into his room and surprise him. But it worked out easier then that in the end. Turned out he was going to work that day so I stood next to his car and waited for him to come out. He was looking at his phone when he walked out the driveway, he was standing right in front of me and I whistled at him. I will never forget that smile. He came and picked me up and walked me around the car, for no reason whatsoever, but at the time no reason was needed we were both just so happy. 

I then on the way to Cronulla went past Rick's work to see if he was in. I didn't actually know where it was exactly but I somehow managed to find it which was lucky considering how many factories there are there. I stood watching him unload a truck, trying to see how long it would take him to realize I was staring into his soul. He had the most shocked and confused face it was just great. 

I then went with Saya to Cronulla where we were planning on surprising Yol. I am so glad I had S to help me with this, it worked out perfectly. Y and S met at a cafe while I hid in the bathroom, Y was facing with her back towards me so I just walked over and put my hands over her eyes and said "Guess who". YES was reunited and we had a lovely brunch together talking non stop. I missed them both so much. 

My girl and I. I could never live without a dog they provide so much and ask so little. 

Saya's new tattoo and car for that matter. 

Kicking back at Saya's on a hot summers day, decked out in Topshop gear.

Y and S obsessing over Dan's clothing presents to me. He made that jumper himself!

Waking up next to this princess again.

Missy is just so awkward

Worn out

Sassie helping me unpack

Moon's sushi, a luxury that didn't even exist in London. Sushi in London was one of the most hit and miss experiences whilst I was there. I am so happy I am situated closer to Japan here, I love sushi too much. I can't believe I went 8 months having it only 3 times.

Home at Cronulla beach. Luke took me for a lovely morning walk along the promenade. I never really appreciated Cronulla before London. I always took this amazing place for granted. I am so grateful to live near so many beautiful beaches. 

We saw a puffer fish. Which was actually heaps weird. 

Missy jumping on the trampoline with me. 

I can't wait to go exploring the world again when I get enough money, but in the meantime there really is no place like home. 

With Love From Sydney Australia 

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