Candy Store Opening

I look a little weird here but no biggie, this is at my favourite all time place in the world (so far) to get ice cream, Amorino. It's in Soho, you have probably noticed me mention it before. Sadly this was the last time I was able to go. If you are in London I highly recommend you go check it out, hint: Marscarpone and fig is top notch. 

Keen as a bean. On this night Dan took me to the opening of the "The Candy Store"'s first London store.  This is their website, they stock some pretty sweet brands like..

The clothing was on display at the beggining of the night when we got there but was taken away once more people started arriving. The store was still being completed as guests arrived. I don't think I have ever been in this small of a space with this many cool people. Everyone here just had a ridiculous amount of steeze, I felt so underdressed for the London scene. 

The smoking area, which was just the back of the building was absolutely packed. 

Three more days...

Drinks were free until supplies ran out. Although the one mistake they had were giving out free bottles of cider with no bottle openers. 

Love those lights.

Just some stills from the movie below..


This is the coolest video I have ever seen and I was able to make it in the final cut, I feel so ridic privileged. This is the creator of this videos website and page ...

Check it out, there is some pretty dope shit there. 

The night was amazing, I have never been to something so ridiculously cool and I have Dan to thank for that. I highly recommend you check out the store if you are in London. I wish I was a guy in London, they have the best fashion.

With love from London


  1. Hi lovely I think we have each other on instagram... Well I've been following you on blogger for much longer.

    I cant seem to figure out if you're living in aus or london at the moment or if these are old flicks?
    much love

    my instagram is kengrxmes

  2. Hey hun these are just old photos, It has just taken me so long to post them all. I updated my blog profile now. I am in Sydney, moved back here last October. xxx