Night adventures in London with D

I spent this day wandering around London, finishing writing letters in cafes and seeing as much as I could before I had to leave on the sunday. I met up with Lewis in the afternoon to have a final catch up and say our goodbyes. We went to the Namco County Hall which I have previously mentioned on my blog. It is an arcade/ bowling alley/ bar/ pool hall, and a pretty awesome place to go. If you are in London and it's a rainy day this would be the perfect thing to do. Check out details here

We played a couple of games of pool over some drinks and afterwards walked along my second favourite place in London. I love Big Ben and Government House, they are my favourite cliche London hotspots. 

Big Benny Boy

Mailing postcards and letter home to everyone I could. Those dorrito's aren't mine by the way. 

I love London

Watching the sunset behind Benny Boy. I said my goodbyes to L and headed to Oxford Circus to meet up with Dan. 

Ticking off my check list, "Call someone from a British phone box"

We had another odd night of walking everywhere and nowhere. Finding weird statues and trying to climb as many things as possible. 

After walking for hours in every direction, every wrong turn, every back street, we ended up by the water with some edamane beans. I never was one for the edamane but now days I can't get enough thanks to D for introducing me to them.

We sat by the water and ate our beans and shared stories and froze our butts off. It was one of those nights where nothing of particular value occurred but one I will always remember. 

It got weird when we got to Waterloo. There were all these really weird statues just sitting around doing nothing so we thought we best make use of them and climb them. The one pictured here was actually so high, I stood on D's shoulders to get up on it. 

For no real reason or purpose. We just had a really silly fun night climbing and laughing and singing. I couldn't stop singing Mary Poppins songs. I can't express how much more fun it is to sing Mary Poppins songs whilst walking through London at night. I write this with a smile on my face because I know words can't describe how great that night was so I was just leave you with photos and little corners of stories, and leave the rest as memories for myself.

With Love from London

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