Goodbye London

London had been good to me but it had sadly come time to say goodbye...
For this blog post I don't have much to say, just emotions, which I shall happily convey in gif form. We left Croydon early in the morning to take the long sad train to the airport.

Wearing: Custom Denim Jacket by Dan
Witness Beanie from Dan
GAP New York Jumper
Nudie Jeans
Zara shoes

It was really cold

Awkward fingerprint on the camera

A simple word with complicated meaning. Takes a second to be said and a long time to get over with. Forces you to feel good when letting go seems to be the hardest thing to do.

This was a hard day. Maybe the worst. Leaving Australia was hard, but I never thought going home would be so much harder. Saying goodbye to the people that have had such an impact on your life in such a short time. I am really finding it hard to string together sentences that can really say anything about this day. I left my London life behind as soon as I walked through the gate. I sobbed in the corner waiting to fly home. As pathetic as it sounds. I was just so overcome with saying goodbye and the thought of seeing everyone again. Dan and Georgia I love you both so much and you are always in the back of my mind. I miss you more everyday and I hope to see you both real soon. 

Goodbye London, and all the friends I made along the way. I had an amazing time and couldn't ask for anything more. 

With Love from the plane home

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