These are a few of my favourite teas

Twining's - Pure Peppermint. 
 - My favourite peppermint tea 

T2 - Autumn 
 - Fruity, vanilla taste with a touch of sweetness, good for after dinner

T2 - Melbourne Breakfast
- My staple tea. Morning, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, I practically drink this tea religiously. I highly recommend you TRY THIS TEA

Twining's - Cranberry & Pomegranate
- always drink this with my mum I really love it as a 'sometimes tea'

San Churro's - Hot Chocolate 
-I know it's not tea but it is absolutely divine

Not to sure of the brand but it's Jasmine Tea
- but it is amazing!

Royal Ceylon - Green Tea
- It's pretty good. I like T2 green tea better but am currently broke and cannot afford it.

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