M&M World

It literally was 4 or 5 levels of M&M's/ heaven.
Sadly they only had crispy, peanut or plain. I thought they would have gotten some funky flavors or something being a huge shop and all. But no just a lot of different colours.

By the way the reason I am lacking photo's recently is because it is raining non-stop in London currently and I don't want to damage my baby slr.
Since it was raining I mostly did some shopping that day, tried to get tickets to Matilda for last night although they were all sold out even though it was monday.

I am pretty excited for mum to come down to London though. Not long now! I meet her in Poland on the 20th June and then she is in London with me 5th-8th of july.
And then I work for a week then fly to Paris and see Bon Iver and hopefully go to the Ascona Jazz festival my friend is going to from Sydney. 

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