London arrival

Earl's Court London. I waited until now to have my 1st cigarette in London. It was gloriously cold.

Literally as soon as I stepped out of the tube I was nearly knocked off my feet at the absolute coldness. The weather was 5ºC when I arrived. So I took all my stuff to the hostel I was staying at on Barkston Gardens. Really nice street. I was in a gross share room right behind reception and was currently sharing it with 2 old ladies, German nazi and Nurse. Couldn't spend another second in their company so I went to the nearest pub. 

In the pub whilst ordering a typical British drink to be my first in England I began talking to a guy who actually helped me pick the beer, I went with London Beer haha. Nothing too complicated about that.

I sat with him for my first beer, let's call him Jay. I also met his brother lets call him Jac. Turns out my 1st for what I thought they would be British friends were actually from right near my house in Aus. They actually live in the suburb I went to a girl school in. Small World.

My first breakfast of a bacon breakfast roll from greggs, and an amazing strawberry frappe. They love their cold drinks and food over here it's ridiculous. I was hoping the food would be like bacon and egg or something but it came as it said. Bacon sandwich, bacon and bread and I had to ask for bbq sauce which tasted like medicine. But at least my book calmed me down.

The street I was staying at. How ridiculously stunning is the area. I never want to leave. 

My first lighter

Didn't know what to do on my first day so I decided to take the tube to Oxford Circus. Heaven. Amazing 

It was so tiring shopping and I was absolutely famished so I went to this lovely little restaurant and bought some chilli poppers because I had never actually had them before. I know right, how have I lived until now? 


I bought the fur collar jacket. That's not how it really looks when the hood is on I was just having a bit of fun. I went to a few other places that day like H&M, Topshop and a million more little ones. Most of them were like rar rar no photos. So sadly these are the only I could get. 

After spending the whole day wandering up and down Oxford and Picadilly Circus and failing at getting my UK bank account I headed home. It was blasting cold when I got back so I popped out of hostel and got some thai which took literally 5minutes the service here is amazing. 

I got satay chicken skewers and coconut rice although I was already full but the time I finished my satay skewers. I finished watching breaking bad season 4! It was fantastic. Sucks that I didn't to finish watching it with my best friend R who did introduce me to it in the first place. I miss him, along with mum, yes and sassie. But it's ok. 

Just a bit lonely. Especially when the only human contact that night was smiling to the thai guys and the german hostel lady enquiring about my food whilst she cooked all her food on a portable cookset sitting on her top bunk. Got a good sleep in that night which was good. 

Happy Wanderlustin'

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