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3 days

Getting a bit nervous about everything now. Ok so basically if you don't know I am moving to London on Monday. My plane leaves at 6am. Flying emirates for 22 hours, stopping over in Dubai for 45min.

I am flying there with a company called Global Work & Travel Co. Which supposedly helps set me up with a job, flights, help with visa, travel insurance etc. Up until now I have had to handle the visa stuff by myself, deal with a ridiculously irritating travel agent from Ten Travel in Queensland, lets call him jem, who despite the amount of times I told him I would be flying emirates insisted on constantly trying to change the airline company and the date I departed, cheers mate.

The correspondant I have had to deal with from Global work and travel, lets call him bob was not only unreliable in passing on information to my travel agent but also forgot to actually fill me in on things I needed to do and would give me a days notice. 

This only got worse because then I needed jem and bob to work together in also speaking to the individual from london pub jobs company which were supposed to get me job offers. 

Sassie helping me pack

But basically I just got very vague emails to call a number of a pub that had a position available. They gave me the raw number, so I had no idea what the connection number was for international calling. They gave me no indication what time to call, whether it was our time or London time. So basically I freaked about the first offer I got which was at a really nice place which I posted about earlier, White horse in Harpenden, just outside London. Just a 40 minute train ride which is the exact same distance from my home to the city. 

So basically I spent $50 on an international call to this pub, I won't go on about the loveliness of this pub because I didn't get the job. She kept me on the phone for 30 minutes plus holding time, telling me every single minute feature about what the job involved (we had a plasma tv at the apartment). 

So after a week with no information or anything I get an email from the job company telling me I didn't get the job, but that it's all good because they have this amazing new offer at a lovely little town called Lidgate in Suffolk. 

These are directions from Lidgate, Suffolf to London...it takes 3 hours on train!

So I thought, maybe it's not that bad and I checked out the town's website. To put this into perspective..the population of Menai is around 10,000. The population of this town is 250. If you are not familiar with Menai its a pretty average sized suburb. So to do a but more further research into this ghost town I found the town map..

It is a road! The town is just a single road and the Star is the place that I got offered a job. No wonder they need more people. I politely declined this offer as you probably assumed.

So I have basically changed my plan to spending my first week in London in a Youth Hostel. I arrive at Heathrow at 08:30pm Monday, so I will be heading straight to the Hostel. Then the next day I will be organising my bank account, insurance number, sim card, basically all the boring things. BUT....found out something pretty amazing just recently, Lana Del Rey will be performing a free show at the Jazz Cafe in Camden on the Tuesday night at 8pm!

So basically, I don't have a job but I will be seeing Lana Del Rey, so I am pretty happy about that. And in regards to everything else I will just go with the flow. I am telling you information like this because I have had a few people ask me about it already and to save myself the trouble of replying to each person the same thing I felt it would be easier if they just checked it out here. 

Will update before I leave to confirm if i am arriving in London with a job or not etc. 

Lots of Love as always.


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  1. Erica good luck on everything, sounds like it will be a massive adventure!!