Saying goodbye was pretty hard. I was alright at keeping it together most of the time at the airport. I did have one breakdown when I was buying a cheese and tomato croissant. The guy must have thought I had issues. But that was about my best friend not being at the airport. Other then that I kept it together until hugging mum goodbye and she started crying, then I started crying and it was just a couple of people in an airport doing this…

God its going to be hard not having mum around/ seeing her everyday/ being able to cuddle with her. I am also going to miss Yol, Saya, Sharkey and Rick a uncomprehendable amount. As soon as I walked into through the gate and was lining up for customs I was just a girl bawling her eyes out in high heels. And just a heads up, I am wearing heels because they were too chunky to fit in my suitcase.

Things I wrote on the plane: 

"Everything was closed so no shopping for Erica sadface. Thanks Ten Travel for the 6am flight. It was alright though, didn’t wait too long until I was on this flight. It absolutely destroyed me though. So keen for it to be the future which will involve teleporters. Mmmmm.
So basically 15 hours of sitting in a chair is not the best. The colourful screens placed in front made things a little easier. On this flight I watched:

The Simpson’s shockingly bad new series
We need to talk about Kevin which is a pretty creepy movie.
This show called my Big Fat Greek Wedding which I spent at least 5 hours getting aquainted with. If you havnt seen it before I highly recommend it. It is like Geordie shore but with weirder clothing, 16 year old weddings and no sex.

My makeup wipes leaked in my bag because they were pressed down so a few of my things got a little sticky.

I had my first alcoholic beverage in the sky, just a glass of white. It went down alright.

4 hours left I want to kill myself. 10 more hours until I am in London!

The food I had on this flight.
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with mushrooms- it was ok at first but stomach was a bit queasy afterwards which may have been from lack of sleep.
Lunch- Roast Chicken and veggies – it was ok, could have been a lot better with some bbq sauce.

Made a couple of friends. Pete and Mark. We sat together for 15 hours although we only started talking properly when the plane was landing and we all walked to the new terminal at our stop over in Dubai.

Mark was returning home from an all expenses paid trip to Sydney to sing at the Opera House with a fancy choir. He was only around for 10 days but at least he got a glimpse of nice Australian weather and his trip was all expenses paid so that’s pretty awesome alone. He is from Newcastle. And yes he did have a Geordie Shore accent. He looked a bit like a brunette Ron Weasly.

Pete is pretty cool. Spoke to him more then Mark. He is from Canberra, flying over to play cricket in London then moving to South England somewhere. He looked very much like a kid from high school Ryan Almond.

Finally on the plane to London now, 3 more hours to go. I am currently watching the movie One Day. On this flight I watched some family guy, the big bang theory, and I finally watched The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe because I still hadn’t seen it.

Had a Bacardi and coke on this flight and straight after I finished it we hit a nice 15minutes of turbulence which I was definitely not the most pleasant experience.

On this flight I am in the middle row. There is a british red head Vivienne westwood-esque character next to me and on the other side there are 2 not to shabby looking boys. I would say around 20+yrs. The one directly next to me is not tooo bad looking, all his friends are in the seat in front but next to him is possibly the cutest indie boy I have ever seen. I say indie because he had nice clothing and was wearing chinos but if I judge boys being “indie” by this in London then basically all the boys will be classified as indie. He has extremely cute clothing on and is ridiculously cute and polite. And when I say cute I don’t just mean looks, he was giggling throughout the flight at whatever was in his screen and I am pretty sure I got littles bubbles of happiness inside everytime he did.

So close to London! The food on this flight wasn’t too bad. Actually it was pretty good. On this flight we had lunch of chicken tikka with rice and vegetable curry and it was amazing. And yes I had to Lunches. Because that will help me get adjusted to the different time zones."

Total time I slept:
Night before I didn’t sleep. “Oh don’t worry mum I will sleep on the plane”
15 hour flight, got a total of 3 separate hours of disgustingly unsatisfying sleep.
Flight from Dubai, couldn’t sleep felt too claustrophobic. I arrived at 8:30pm and ended up getting to sleep at 1am. Will fill you in next post.

So basically I had a very quiet plane trip in which I discovered the great new show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and ate some pretty good curry. But now I am in London and really tired so I will fill in the rest next post.

Lots of love from back in time 11 hours.

If you have any places you think I should go please comment here on my facebook page.


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