Happy Hour at Soho

Ok don't hate, I actually did have a big plan laid out this day of what I wanted to do. I am not even kidding my plan was to go to Museum, then walk through Hyde Park and have lunch at the Hard Rock. Then look around for a while and head to Fortnum and Mason's for afternoon tea then head back to Oxford Circus to have dinner at this interesting Italian place Valentio's or something, forgot the name. 

But basically my plans fell through because there was track work so the museum line was closed. Who knew the train tracks needed work anywhere else but Sydney. Other then that I adore the tube here. but apparently it is the worst way to travel and locals here tend to avoid it, sticking to walking or buses. Not sure why I like it. 

But back to story. Ok so I got lost and for me this is standard. But I guess in a weird way I like being lost. It's more of an adventure that way. I went back to Oxford because it was more familiar to me. 
And just quickly to update you from something I missed yesterday I bought myself a new watch!!! A casio,  the real one. I have wanted it for ages but it just sprung to my mind yesterday and I just had to have it.

My new baby.

So basically after I got this I returned to doing what I had been doing yesterday...shopping.

In love with this shirt as you can tell

After I got lost and spent at least an hour in one shop I felt pretty hungry. I had previously messaged James, the guy I met the night I got to London. Aussie one. He told me to come meet him and his friends at Picadilly for lunch then we were going to go see Matilda!!!

I know right! I was so excited. I'm not even kidding Matilda, as in the Roald Dahl Matilda was literally my favourite book as a child, and now it's on Broadway!!!! Well sadly when we went to try and get cheap tickets there was only one left. I was devastated. But life goes on so we all went to get food in Soho. 
Oh and by "we all" I mean myself, James, his brother Jack, and Tash who are all from Australia. 

After all of them being ridiculously picky for about 20minutes on where we were going to eat we chose an American Diner. They are crazy popular here. I think the one we went to is a big chain. 

I got a typical strawberry milkshake, and shared a mexican hotdog and chilli cheese fries with Tash. The hotdog was a sausage inside a tortilla bread with avocado and salsa and it was amazing. The chilli cheese fries were pretty gross not going to lie but I felt so OC eating them. By the time we got halfway through the fries they looked like a mixture of cat food and sick. Needless to say I was full.

They have thought of everything!

These are some photos from walking in Soho. I had to take a photo of this shopfront. They have these sparkly things everywhere. They are so effective because they shimmer because they are dangling and it catches your eye and it just looks so pretty. I felt like a little fish getting caught by the light off one of those scary fish' heads. Worst explanation of a metaphor but it will have to suffice.

This shop smelt like heaven. Lucky I didn't walk in, instant 10kg in a day.

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