After Work Drinks // Fullham Broadway

What was meant to be a trip to walkabout after work for drinks to celebrate anzac day by drinking aussie beers in an aussie pub quickly turned into getting lost in South London trying to find a good place to drink on a Tuesday Night, luckily we found this charming establishment called Havana or something. Not to sure, little bit fuzzy on the details.

But I do rememeber the ridiculous amount of guys in there and the 2 guys over the age of 60 who would not stop asking me to dance, it made me sick to my stomach! I did get a photo of on of them though, he was the worst. I literally had time to take a photo of him asking me to come dance because he just would not leave. 

After having oli step in at least 3 times as well as dom to help get rid of this guy I actually got so frustrated I told him to fuck off and go back home to his nursing home...I didn't see him for the rest of the night.

They had a special on that night on corona's and tequila shots. 4 for £10.
So basically be took advantage of this. I had 4 shots that night, I was wondering where all my money had gone at the end of the night but turns out I kept buying more drinks. So I kind of hate myself right now. 
You know the tv show 2 broke girls. That's me right now.
Except it's 1 broke girl and a hamster. 

But even with this guy giving me grief all night I think the worst part about this night was the amount Rihanna came on the radio. I have never been so angry at a music artist. 
When I say literally I mean it. Literally every second song was a Rihanna song. And I already do not like her music as is but after that night I will happily never listen to that auto-tuned shit again. Apologies for the anger. 

But in all honesty, that was a wicked night out. Especially seeing as it was a Tuesday night.

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