Before London - packing

10 hours

Ok so to update you all from last time not only have I had an amazing weekend with some beautiful people but I have also gotten a job! I am so ridiculously happy with it, so take back all the bad things I said about the company London Pub jobs. You just have to haggle with them. I won't take back the other things though.

So basically I got the email on Friday which informed me that not only did I have a job offer but that I didn't even have to do an interview I was just offered the job straight up. I am going to be doing bar tending (obviously) at a place called the Bear in Oxshott, Surrey. Which after doing a bit of research on I found out that it is actually...

"The most expensive village in England" - The Telegraph

Here are some images of the pub, they aren't very descriptive but it looks pretty nice.

So basically that is the place I will be working at starting on the 16th, so I can have a week to explore London and get all my stuff sorted out. I land at 8:45pm so I am basically going straight to the hostel I am staying at. One of my good friends gave me her oyster card from when she visited London which will hopefully help me out a lot.

I will do a quick Q&A of questions I have been getting a lot lately and honestly don't have time to answer every single individual person. As much as I wish I could write back to each of you.
Are you nervous?
Well I wasn't for a long time but I guess after this weekend, the going away parties and what not and everyone asking me little questions that I hadn't even asked myself. So yes I am a little nervous now but more nervous as in excited. 

Excited to leave?

I'm sorry but that is just such a ridiculous question, I mean come on...do you really need to ask me that?

Where are you staying?

In a shared apartment about 15min down the road from where I am working in Oxshott.

Are you staying in London or are you travelling around?

I am working throughout the year although I am of course going to travel around while I am in Europe. Firstly I am going to catch a train to paris for the weekend when I get set up with work and living etc. And then my mum is going to Poland in July for 3 weeks and I am meeting her there on the 3rd week to see my grandparents and family etc. And then she is flying back to London and spending 3 days with me which will be nice, especially after not seeing her for so long. And of course I am spending December in Poland with my grandparents and yes it is going to be ridiculously cold. I am hoping for snow, not going to lie. I have never actually had a white christmas.

But mostly the things people have been saying to me is to enjoy my trip and wishing me luck and I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who has written to me, it means the absolute world to me. I won't forget any of you or decide to stay there forever. I will come back eventually and when I do I am going to blow all of your socks off with love and maybe even presents. 

But I really need to go now because 10 hours quickly turned into 6 so I really need to go. 
I am really bad at goodbyes but please know that I love you all and will miss you a ridiculous amount. 

Special mention to YES R LS 

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