V Movement & UNDR ctrl present Kilter

This was a weekend that was a beginning to the end for me, for smoking! It has been over a month since this event and yes I have smoked a cigarette here and there when drinking but from this Friday night I didn't have a single cigarette for two whole weeks! And since then I have maybe had about eight but only at different occasions when drinking. This is something I am extremely proud about as I have been smoking for a shameful amount of years for how young I am. It has always been something I have wanted to give up and I honestly feel so much better for it now that I have. I have gained a kilo or two but that's a sacrifice I was willing to accept. Considering I was quite underweight at the time it probably wasn't the worst thing to happen.

When you are just really feeling your eye make up look. Shoutout to @kawaiipriestess she taught me everything I know.

V MoVement & UNDR ctrl Presents: The Island LIVE with Kilter

This guy absolutely nailed his set! The sun was setting, the Gin and V's were flowing and my legs were jiggling along with the epic beats Kilter was dropping. 

Kilter's band who also laid down some delicious tunes.

There were even fireworks! I don't think this night could have been executed any more smoothly. There was some dumb gorilla fight at some point but that was sorted out quite quickly and those boys were off the barge before anyone even had time to realise what had just happened.

This night was the start to a long weekend which may or may not have landed me in hospital on a drip for severe dehydration and hypotension. I am well and healthy now but I guess it must have just slipped my mind that water, food and sleep existed that weekend. Only mentioning this for full disclosure. Treat your body how you would treat your pet. This was the weekend that I truly kick started my recovery.

Dinner with the brothers in Bondi. After spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to find parking in Bondi (standard) we chose one of the places we were closest to. Mamasan won as it had seats for all of us and the food looked delicious. I don't remember the food to be honest. I know it was delicious. But I mostly remember how not delicious this sake was. But sometimes you know you gotta do what you gotta do, when you are at a Japanese Restaurant with your family.

Note to self: Clean your mirror and stop being an absolute grub. I don't know how it happens. My room will be immaculate before I start getting ready for a night out. But when I leave my house my room looks like the aftermath of a house party and all I have done is get dressed and put my face on.

Happy birthday Jesse!

Date night #148357
It's a warzone out there, but one day I will bring home a man that will make me feel like the Goddess I am but at the same time support my fierce inner CEO and constantly challenge me creatively and intelligently. Who I won't have to drag overseas and who actually loves to travel and explore the world and the people in it as much as I do. 

But until then I have my brothers, and I honestly couldn't be happier. 


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