American pharmacy makeup haul

My amazing mother dearest recently travelled to Boston for work. She may not have had time to go to Sephora but she still did so well. This all cost her under $60 AUS!! My best friend Lani recently got back from Vegas and she introduced me to Wet n Wild. As you can see, I fell a little bit in love.

I have been using the eyeliner as my main eyeliner. I am not usually one for liquid eyeliner. I am usually a gel girl. But I do really love this liner. I would love to get about seven more blender brushes. I love having a brush with a handle, it gives you such a greater control over your product. Plus it's vitamin E infused and it's pink! The primer is wonderful for a basic primer. It doesn't really compare to smashbox or benefit pore professional but I do still use it all the time. The fix spray is great. I haven't really used one before meaning I don't really have anything to compare it to. But it keeps my makeup in place through a whole day of uni. I haven't tried out the brush set yet.

The brow stylist duet are a bit off my colour but they are good to use for a soft outline. The long pencils are far too dark for my eyes. I love this nude palette, and it was only $5.99 US which makes it even better! 

The Lash'O'Matic is one of the best mascaras I have ever used for length and volume. Lately I have been very obsessed with Urban Decay 'Perversion' as an everyday mascara. But for going out, this wet n wild mascara really makes your eyes pop! I haven't tried the eyebrow kit yet, I have to admit I'm a little nervous about it. I am excited to play with it though. And the nourishes lashes is now my new everyday mascara (I ran out of my perversion). I used to use covergirl clump crusher as my #1 go to mascara and this mascara reminds me a lot of that, but maybe it's just the similar packaging that is making me think that. 

Thankyou mum, for this amazing haul of face fixers. If anyone reading this is in or is going to be visiting America any time soon, please let me know. I am currently on working on getting myself there for Christmas in New York. 


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