Studio B Cronulla Mermaid

Nicole has been getting her hair done at a place called Studio B in Cronulla for a while now. Her blonde has been so fantastic for the past few months I just had to check them out. This was by far one of the prettiest salons I have ever been to. I had to get my roots done and considering how good they are with colour I decided to trust them to dye it purple, which I usually do myself afterwards.

It took about 5-6hrs. It is definitely a committment having lilac hair when your original hair colour is brown. We used Olaplex though and the results truly speak for themselves. They got the purple so perfect. It was the exact colour I wanted. Can't wait until my next appointment! 

A good word of advice for people with coloured hair is to stay away from swimming. But you can't keep a mermaid away from the ocean, especially in Summer.

All my friends are 10's

My ghostly white body after spending the last few months indoors. And of course the first time I go to the beach it is cloudy..

Always chasing sunsets.

Tried a new burger joint in Cronulla called Jake Chalmer's. The decor is cute but the food was not so impressive. I got a cheeseburger and it was good, but I think I actually would just prefer a McDonald's cheeseburger. They tasted the exact same. I mean I love McDonald's cheeseburgers, but not everyone might.

Lately I have been wearing no makeup a lot more often and I have to say it is kind of empowering. Plus it has done wonders in clearing up my pimples. I get so jealous of boys not having to wear make up everyday and then I just realised one day that I'm not obliged to be pretty. I don't owe anyone anything. It isn't a social obligation for me to wear makeup. It's hard to accept that after subconsciously feeling the opposite for so long, but it's so true. I feel happier in my own skin. And it makes dressing up and putting on makeup even more exciting!

Sushi dinners with this lovely soul.

Lucy is my goals. Than tan and those abs are to die for.

Spent majority of my days off uni in this position with this view.

Sleepy Lucy is so adorable.

Sending my love always


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