Skinny Love

I told you to be patient
I told you to be fine
I told you to be balanced
I told you to be kind

Top / Missguided
Skirt / Missguided
Shoes / Lipstik Shoes

My makeup mess. Theres nothing better then watching John Oliver and trying to get your eyeliner on fleek.

This is what actually happens to mermaids in summer. But don't worry it's easily fixed with a little Brite Organix.

Night out with my brothers and sister. This super cute playsuit is from Supre and it is so bomb!

Poolside hangs with my baby fox. Just finished reading a great book called The Husband's secret by Liane Moriarty. It is based in Sydney and Melbourne a group of different women in different situations that are connected by invisible threads that are revealed throughout the book. It is extremely well written and engaging. I usually enjoy a bit more blood and macabre in my books but this was a great poolside summer read. 

The beginning of the never ending weekend..

One of the new lovely humans I met that weekend, Jaymie.

One of the multiple sunsets watched in good company.

One of the many cruisers consumed that Sunday.

One of the many items of clothing borrowed.

One set of sunburnt legs.

One set of abs.

One infinity pool hang.

One of the many smiles had.

One of the many tinder shots.

One very epic group of people

One new family.

One truly unbeatable view

One too many set of feet.

One epic squad shot.

One beachside BBQ.

One beachside bae.

One introduction to the family.
And one endless weekend I will never forget.

Had dinner with the brothers at Zeus Greek Street Food at Cronulla. I am honestly not even going to bother writing what the food we ate because the service was that horrid that they just don't deserve it. Not only did the food come out in a really weird order. One of the boys got there food 20min before any one else got their food. And two of us didn't even get our food and everyone else had already finished eating! We got a refund and left. The pieces of other people's food I tried wasn't even good. 10/10 would not recommend. 

When your friend isn't home but you can still use their pool.

Meet Mini, she is the crew dog and she is almost as amazing as Sassie. And that is saying a lot!

Just casually rolling around with the two best dogs (minus Missy) in the world.

After meeting these boys I became a lot more comfortable in my skin and I stopped wearing makeup daily which was a big thing for me. Granted I only really wear a little bit of BB cream and mascara. But honestly my face cleared up so much during this time. It truly was so refreshing to be able to embrace my natural face and it took a while but I now feel a lot more comfortable with how I look naturally.

Aaron, Alen, Jaymie and I needed a break from the hustle and bustle so we decided to spontaneously run away to the entrance for a weekend. It was only one night but it was exactly what we all needed.

We stayed at this really cute resort. I can't remember the exact name but I am sure if you look up resorts at the entrance this one will come up somewhere. Even though the weather wasn't fantastic it was still a perfect escape.

These humans rock my world.

Tequila and I have a very intense love/ hate relationship.

Filters are always a good time...

...but nothing beats a naked face.

Really dying for my skin to go back to being this clear.

Note to self: You were meant to ask for Mustard/ Mayo, not just plain mustard. I don't even usually eat mustard! But other then that this would have been super delicious!

Sometimes when you are at your lowest point the Universe really points you in the right direction. I can't explain how much I needed these people to enter my life at this point. They made me feel comfortable in the skin I am and with who I am as a person.


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  1. I'm so proud of you my little moon beam! With love from......