Obsessed with Snorkelling

Continuing my love affair with the ocean I decided to purchase a snorkelling trip on Groupon. It was only $30 so it wasn't the biggest commitment I have ever made. It was coming up to the last few days this voucher would be valid as I had left it that long to book. Even though it wasn't the greatest day for snorkelling it was still a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning.

Sadly the water was really rough that morning. We were snorkelling at Bare Island at Botany Bay. I knew this spot existed and it had been on my snorkelling Bucket List. But I guess I had just been hoping to be shown more specific areas through this tour. I was not..

This tour was for tourists and beginners. And they were all just staying together like a clump of dirty seaweed floating on the waves. The first time I went snorkelling in Vanuatu I took to it like a duck to water. It was absolute heaven for me and I loved every minute my face was submerged in that crystal blue water. 

 I wanted to head more toward the bridge area but I didn't have time and never got close enough. I didn't see many fish. As you can see there was a lot of sediment being tossed around making the visuals not as crystal clear as I was used to. Plus it was a great workout. Not as much as it was at Mystery Island because those waves were quite intense. This was more just the constant feeling of being in a low energy washing machine. 

I read an article recently about the Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching epidemic beginning to show up in parts of Sydney. I hope I can see as much of the beautiful Australian coral before it gets washed out. My current Sydney Snorkelling Bucket List includes:
. Little Bay
. Long Bay (Malabar Beach)
. Gordon's Bay
. Clovelly
. Little Manly Cove
. Cabbage Tree Bay, Manly
. Fisherman's Beach, Long Reef
. The Basin, Ku-ring-gai

As much as I enjoyed this experience I would not recommend it if have snorkelled before. I honestly think the best thing is to just find a place you want to go and just take yourself. Immerse yourself in a world completely different form your own and let your troubles float away into the sea.


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